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Previous Events in which Our Club has Participated




Saturday & Sunday, 14th & 15th April


This is a biennial event for trucks and commercial vehicles 25 years or more old, and starts at the Broadmeadows Ford Factory and follows the old Hume Highway (where possible) to the Victorian - New South Wales border at Wodonga. There were only about half a dozen small commercials like our member's 1929 Ford Model A roadster utility, with the rest being large trucks, semi's, B Doubles etc. These are the types of vehicles that called the Hume Highway home. Only about 5% of the journey is on the new Hume Freeway. Each alternate year the event, titled Haulin' The Hume, is held in New South Wales (where it originated from) and runs from outer Sydney to Goulburn. This year's event was the 8th Run, with about 260 participants enjoying the run.

As our member had heard about the run from several friends, this year he and his wife decided to participate with good friends from country Victoria. They commenced at about 6:45am on a very bleak and threatening Saturday morning. If they had acted on the weather forecast, they would have probably been a 'no show'! They headed off with the boys in the ute and the girls following in the 'modern' with trailer attached for the return trip. He was unsure as to what sort of speed they could maintain but seemed to be travelling well with the only early gear change at Pretty Sally between Wallan and Kilmore. Their first stop for coffee and a vehicle check was at Euroa.

Following an enjoyable break, they continued on to the lunch and fuel break at Winton Racecourse. Although the track was open with time trials, etc in progress, the car park and catering were available for the trucks and commercial vehicles participating on the run. After the lunch break, they headed for Wodonga and then Albury, arriving at the latter at 1.45pm.

They travelled at between 75 - 80 kph. They were extremely lucky to have left the start so early, as they could see the rain on both sides and behind them. They did not actually run through rain until they were just out of Wodonga.

On the Saturday evening the trucks were displayed in the car park of the Albury Racecourse with a big dinner held for those participants wishing to enjoy the comradeship of like-minded people. A few heaters or better draft-proofing would have been appreciated. The trucking fraternity are a very friendly and close-knit group similar to car club members.

It was amazing how much of the old Hume Highway is still intact, as it is still required to access properties and for farmers to access their paddocks. In many instances you travel close to, or within sight of, the new freeway. Our member was also amazed at thegood condition of the road.





Saturday & Sunday, 7th & 8th April 2018


This year was the 15th running of the GREAT (Gisborne Region Events Activities and Tourism) Macedon Grand tour, and the fourth that two of our members have attended in their 1950 E493OA/B Anglia 10hp saloon. The event this year lived up to expectation, and the weather was favourable. The rally is open to cars 25 years and older and held on the first weekend of April. This year's event was held on the 7th April due to the clash with the Easter weekend, and saw 96 cars take part with a starting point in the town of Gisborne.

The event is fully catered and included breakfast in Gisborne, a run to Riddels Creek for morning tea, then on to Malmsbury for lunch, Hanging Rock for afternoon tea, and finally Kyneton for dinner. All the stops, with the exception of the dinner, are catered for by local community groups. Dinner was a sit-down affair fully catered for by one of the local restaurants, and included complimentary wines and a buffet style dessert room. The Sunday following the rally included a picnic in the park (BYO) where all the owners participating in the rally are invited to show their cars to the public at the Gisborne oval picnic area.

Total distance for the rally this year was 311 kilometres, but the running sheets include a shorter route for older cars. Participants are under no obligation to complete any of the routes and can take short cuts at their discretion. The included "show bag" contained coffee cups, caps, washing up towels (all with tour logos) as well as a 40-page brochure with photos of all the vehicles entered, including the running sheets for the day.




Sunday, 25th March 2018


9am at the Manhattan Hotel in Ringwood on a slightly overcast day was a difficult ask, but the Kalorama Rally is usually a really good run with a great car show at the end of it, and of course, all proceeds go to the Kalorama CFA, a really good cause.

So, by 9:30am, our contingent of six vehicles was ready to go. It consisted of nine members in 5 Small Fords and an 'alternative classic'.

We followed the running sheet supplied and travelled in convoy through Montrose, up to Mt Evelyn and around the back of Sylvan Dam. Using back roads, we headed towards Wandin East then turned right and left towards Monbulk, where we stopped for refreshments.

After a leisurely coffee, we proceeded via some delightfully scenic roads to Kalorama. Waiting for us at the reserve were four more members in a couple of Small Fords, and we were all able to park in a long line and form an impressive display.

There was a large display of Austin 7s in all shapes and body configurations. As a feature, Peter Brock's first car was on display. It was an Austin 7-based special built by Peter and used as a paddock car in Doreen when he was 12 years old.

In all, we travelled 57 kilometres along sealed roads which was a very pleasant drive, although there were a few corners that required a good deal of care to negotiate. The route included some uphill and downhill stretches, both of which required some gear work, but our little cars performed excellently.


Sunday, 4TH March 2018


On the day we (FORDCA) mustered 10 members and 3 guests in 9 cars (6 members in four Small Fords; one in an 'alternative classic' and three in two 'moderns', plus three guests in two 'alternative classics'), and the EFV8CV mustered at least 11 Early V8s and a 'historic' Mercedes-Benz.

Part of the FORDCA contingent met at the Dandenong Basketball Centre and set off promptly at 8:15am for Caldermeade BP services, where at 9am ('spot on the dot') they met up with our other members and all but four of the EFV8CV cars (the remainder going directly to Rhyll Park).

After enjoying a coffee and a chat, our long convoy set off for Phillip Island about 15 minutes later than scheduled, at 9:45am. Having been reminded of the 'rules of convoy' by the EFV8CV's secretary, everybody adhered to those rules so that those in Small Fords did not get left behind by the others and we were able to cruise along at about 70kph (42mph). As the road was dual carriageway for most of the way to San Remo, we did not hinder other traffic.

We arrived at our destination, Rhyll Park, exactly at 10:30am and most of us fitted into a long line between two EFV8CV banners.

We set up our tables and chairs behind our cars and then had a saunter around the car display and other attractions in the park before returning to our cars to consume our picnic lunch in good company. After lunch most of us walked down Lock Road to the beach for a gander at the wooden boats on display.

After the prize-giving, we started to make our own ways home. Some of our members called at The Old Jetty cafe in Tooradin for afternoon refreshments. It was a nice way to end a very nice day!




Sunday, 25th February 2018


Thanks to a glorious day, there were over 850 vehicles and 1,000 visitors pass through the gates at Yarra Glen Racecourse and everyone was happy.

Our club fielded two cars – a 1936 Model CX De Luxe roadster and a 1949 A494A Anglia tourer.

In addition to the Jaguar and MG car clubs, who had very large displays, there were lots of smaller displays by other clubs, including those representing Aston Martin, Austin, Austin-Healey, Citroen, Lancia, Peugeot, Riley, Rolls-Royce, Rover, Singer, Standard Vanguard, Triumph and Wolseley.






Thursday, 15th February 2018

14 of our Club members enjoyed dinner and drinks on this evening at Eastwood. Once again the topics of conversation were wide and varied, with those members restoring cars being given a lot of help and advice.

As usual, we enjoyed a good meal and a drink or two in good company.







Sunday, 4th February 2018

After having been held at Seaworks at Williamstown for the past five years, Small Ford Sunday, which has always been hosted by the Ford Rallye Sport Owners Club Victoria, was switched to the grounds of the Victorian College for the Deaf at 597 St Kilda Road, South Yarra this year, and we think it was a very smart move.

It is a sobering thought that the two 'CXs' were, at 82 years old, the oldest cars on the site, and there was a thirteen-year gap to the next one – the Anglia tourer, which itself was in its 69th year. At the other end of the scale there were Focuses, Fiestas, etc which were barely a year old!

The centerpiece of the college is a beautiful, two-storey, blue-stone building, which was opened in 1866 and is heritage listed. There was a grassed area about the size of a football field alongside St Kilda Road which was open (i.e. no shade), where the Escorts, Fiestas, Focuses, Sierras and Mondeos were displayed in rows and, in a nice touch, each row was given the name of a street which I'm sure contained the names of Ford Plants around the world. The remainder of the site had some shade provided by mature trees, with the odd netball court here and there. It was one of the latter that separated the Cortinas from the Anglias and Prefects. The few Consuls, Zephyrs and Zodiacs present were parked on the drive that linked St Kilda Road to the college's imposing, three-storey front entrance.

In the Anglia – Prefect display area, a well-known blue 1936 Model CX De Luxe roadster was parked under a tree adjacent to a picnic table – what more could one ask for on a very warm, sunny day? It was at one end of a row comprised of six 105E Anglia saloons; a 107E Prefect sedan; a 1949 A494A Anglia tourer (visiting from Adelaide) and a couple of 100E Anglias. At the far end of that row and standing sentinel to our area was a black 1936 Model CX De Luxe sedan. Facing them and parked on a gentle slope was another row of cars, comprising of a 105E Anglia tourer (a cut-down saloon), an unrestored 105E Anglia estate car and a beige 1950 E493AO/B Anglia 10hp saloon. In the middle of these two rows was a 1959 100E Prefect de luxe sedan. All the 105E Anglias, the 100E Anglias and the 107E Prefect were owned by members of other clubs; the remaining five cars were owned by F.O.R.D.C.A. members. In addition, three more club members were to visit the show.

To cap it all, our hosts were to announce at the prize-giving ceremony that they'd had their largest attendance ever (291 cars, beating the previous record by 8) and, having held a collection, were hoping to give a generous donation to the college.






 Friday, 26th January 2018

For the first time in many years, the Federation of Veteran, Vintage & Classic Vehicle Clubs were not hosting this annual event, and it was now being run by the RACV, who usually sponsor virtually all the marquees used by the various charities who are supported by the event. This year the RACV provided 10 vehicles from their heritage vehicle collection, which included a 1950 A493A Prefect ute; a 1965 105E Anglia de luxe saloon and - for the first time - a 1980 MkII Escort van with windows in the sides which had been in storage for 20 years.

They also invited 50 vehicles from Victorian car clubs to form a heritage vehicle display (together with their own vehicles) on the northern part of Linlithgow Avenue, between Alexander Parade and Government House Drive.

Two members from our club received invitations to take their cars - a 1936 Model CX De Luxe roadster and a 1950 E493OA/B Anglia 10hp saloon.

They arranged to meet shortly after 9am at the Domain Road end of Birdwood Avenue, which forms a south eastern extension of Linlithgow Avenue, and drove towards the latter, but didn't get very far before they joined a big queue of vehicles awaiting further instructions. Eventually they were directed to their allocated spots, which just happened to be at opposite ends of the display!

This year invited guests (and one passenger) were given a special plaque; a morning coffee voucher and a luncheon voucher entitling each of the drivers to two drinks; an ice cream and a fabulous BBQ lunch. The RACV made the exhibitors really welcome, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable day. Visitors to the display came from all over the world - some attracted by the tennis and cricket - and our members had a great time answering their questions.



Sunday, 14th January 2018

The meeting point for this run was at the Dandenong Basketball Centre on Stud Road, Dandenong. Nine members and a guest met here in two Small fords (a 1960 100E Escort wagon and a 1960 107E Prefect sedan), an 'alternative classic' (a 1954 Ford Customline) and two 'moderns'.

We were to meet more participants on the way, so we headed off along the Monash Freeway towards Warragul, turning off at Nar Nar Goon to pick up another guest in his 'modern'. We took the back road to Garfield for our almost compulsory coffee stop for morning tea. We parked opposite the bakery in Garfield. Here we met up with a member in a 1953 A493A Prefect sedan and his son-in-law and grandson in a 1974 Ford Fairlane sedan.

We then headed off on a picturesque tour through Robin Hood, Drouin West and stopped at Crossover to have a look at the heritage-listed, railway-built, wooden trestle bridge over the railway cutting. It used to carry the main road from Nilma to Neerim South.

From Crossover, we looped around through Rokeby to Jindivick, where we were booked into the café for lunch. We left our cars in a car park on the opposite side of the road to the café, and as we approached the main entrance, were greeted by a friendly male king parrot standing on top of a sandwich board placed on the nature strip, a lovely touch! Lunch was a very satisfying affair, with plenty of chatter and tasty food.

Afterwards, we continued down past Labertouche to pick up the freeway and headed back to Garfield North for afternoon tea at a member's place. After scoffing down cake and a cuppa, our host showed us his current project, a maroon Ford V8 Pilot that he hopes to get back on the road in the not-too-distant future.

After thanking both the run organizer and our host for afternoon tea, it was time to head for home again. We managed to clock up about 120 miles and had a really pleasant, hassle-free drive around part of Gippsland.




Wednesday, 27th December 2017


Lysterfield Lake on the eastern fringe of Melbourne was chosen for the 2017 Festive Season Picnic and the fact that 15 members (in 9 Small Fords and an 'alternative classic') and three guests participated on it suggests that it was a popular choice. This year's picnic was preceded by a run through the southern foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, commencing from the Macdonalds' Restaurant on Burwood Highway, Ferntree Gully.

The route took us through Tecoma, Belgrave and Selby (passing beneath the famous Selby trestle bridge on the Puffing Billy Railway), down the Selby – Aura Road to Aura Lake, then through Cardinia Reservoir and Berwick Road and A'Beckett Road to Lysterfield Lake.

There were a lot of people picnicking by the lake that day, and we were fortunate to be able to park reasonably close together in the Beach View car park, which is closest to the dam. Unfortunately, most of us had to park herringbone fashion with our noses into a hedge, making photography a little difficult.

We found a large, rectangular picnic table able to seat 9 in comfort, with the rest of us using our portable picnic chairs, and settled down to enjoy our lunch in good company. The temperature got to 35°C that day, but we had a nice breeze in the shady spot we had chosen and so were happy, until we got into our cars to go home! Some of us got our hands burnt the moment we touched our steering wheels!

It had been another most enjoyable day in good company.




Sunday, 3rd December 2017


This year our Christmas Party was held at Alowyn Gardens in Yarra Glen. However, we did not envisage that over the chosen weekend, Victoria would be affected by the worst storm for twenty years. 34 Members attended inspite of the weather and six members even braved the weather and brought along their Small Fords and another brought his big classic Ford.

Furthest travelled in a Small Ford was a member who brought his 105E Anglia de luxe saloon all the way from Strathbogie. Another couple came down from Seymour in their 'modern', as did members from Lancefield and from Garfield North in West Gippsland, otherwise everyone else came from the Greater Melbourne area.

Some members from the Eastern Suburbs gathered at Lillydale Lake to form a small convoy to Yarra Glen. Just before we left, the heavens opened, and we had a heavy downpour.

All the way to Yarra Glen, there were large puddles by the side of the road and the paddocks in low areas were flooded. At Alowyn Gardens we had the use of a well-appointed 'shed' with plenty of seating and tables. Before we had lunch, our President conducted an auction which raised some money for club funds and afterwards, he presented the 'Club Personality of the Year' award to one of our members. We then grabbed ourselves some food and enjoyed the company of other members before making our way home. By the way, the rain had ceased as we arrived at the Gardens and did not return until later in the day, so we considered ourselves lucky!





Sunday, 26th November 2017


Two members, one in a 1950 E83W Thames 10cwt 'woody' and the other in a 1953 E83W Thames 10cwt panel van, met at Lovely Banks, in the outskirts of Geelong, and drove down to this event at the Eastern Beach. It must have been a rare sight to see two E83Ws driving along the road together!

At the event, the 'woody' created a great deal of interest. Its owner was busy all day talking about it to visitors!


The weather wasn't very good. As usual at this time of year, they had three seasons in one day. But all in all, it was a great day and it was a very good event that gets better every year.




Saturday & Sunday, 11th & 12th November 2017


Three members and their different 1960 model cars participated on this run. The cars were a 100E Escort wagon; a 107E Prefect sedan and a 105E Anglia de luxe saloon.

The starting point was the Dorset Café on the corner of Dorset Road and Mountain Highway in Boronia, and over a cuppa decided that, as the clouds were very low, it would probably be quite foggy in Olinda, on top of the Dandenongs, so they skipped going to the National Rhododendron Garden and chose to go to Alowyn Gardens at Yarra Glen instead.

It was to be a wise decision, as the clouds didn't lift all day although it stayed dry and was 'just right' for walking round the gardens. Highlights were the 'wisteria tunnel', often used for wedding photos and indeed, there was a couple there having some pictures taken that day; and the colourful plots containing peony poppies (the sort from which the seed for bread is derived) and edible flowers. When our members had their fill of flowers, they drove over to Healesville and had a very nice lunch at the local RSL Club. From there they made their way home via the Maroondah Highway.





Sunday, 12th November 2017


Three vehicles from our club attended this popular show. On the same day Historic Sandown and the Bendigo Swap Meet were held and our Club was represented at both of these other events

A 1949 A493A Prefect coupe ute; a similar 1952 coupe ute and a 1960 100E Escort wagon were the vehicles from our Club.

The show seemed bigger than ever and vehicles to catch the eye included an unrestored Albion truck; an immaculate 1952 Commer utility and the restored chassis of a very unusual Morris Commercial three-axle truck.

We had beautiful weather for this event and for those that attended it was an interesting day.






Wednesday, 25th October


Three members and their different 1960 model cars participated on this run. The cars were a 100E Escort wagon; a 107E Prefect sedan and a 105E Anglia de luxe saloon.


The starting point was the Dorset Café on the corner of Dorset Road and Mountain Highway in Boronia, and over a cuppa decided that, as the clouds were very low, it would probably be quite foggy in Olinda, on top of the Dandenongs, so they skipped going to the National Rhododendron Garden and chose to go to Alowyn Gardens at Yarra Glen instead.


It was to be a wise decision, as the clouds didn't lift all day although it stayed dry and was 'just right' for walking round the gardens. Highlights were the 'wisteria tunnel', often used for wedding photos and indeed, there was a couple there having some pictures taken that day; and the colourful plots containing peony poppies (the sort from which the seed for bread is derived) and edible flowers. When our members had their fill of flowers, they drove over to Healesville and had a very nice lunch at the local RSL Club. From there they made their way home via the Maroondah Highway.





Sunday, 22nd October 2017


It was another great day at Muckleford. We had a really good attendance of 8 vehicles from the Central Goldfields Area of our club, plus another 10 vehicles from the Bendigo Morris Club. 18 vehicles in total in our line-up was really good to see.

It was a pleasant day; not too hot, but a bit chilly early in the morning. All the regular attractions were there, including displays of horse-drawn implements, stationary engines, market stalls, the vintage tractor pull and of course the steam train, which was running all day. Overall a very good day for the two clubs and we hope to do more like this in the future.



Sunday, 1st October


We set off in convoy from the Dandenong Basketball Centre at 9:30am, heading for the Gordon Studio Glassblowers in Red Hill. We arrived and parked higgledy-piggledy on a rather hilly 'car park' before heading inside to the display of beautiful and unique decorative glassware.

Several other members met us there in their moderns and we were glad to be indoors where the furnace kept us nice and warm. Unfortunately, they were not actually working the glass that day but the range and styles of fantastic glassware were enough to keep us entertained for a while. The artistry and skill in these beautiful creations was truly amazing.

Then it was back to the cars and on our way to Arthurs Seat where we were going to have morning tea at Charlies Auto Museum. Along the way we passed the new Arthurs Seat Chair Lift which looked really good, a much more upmarket set-up than the original chair lift.


Unfortunately, at the Auto Museum the rotunda we had hoped to use for our picnic was now full of cars. A café inside the museum was closed that day, but we had brought our own morning tea, so we sat in the café (with Charlie's permission!) and enjoyed the atmosphere. There is a great display of vehicles and automobile paraphernalia as well as all sorts of collected goodies from days gone by. There was a particularly comprehensive range of Studebakers.

From there we headed off for our final destination in Rosebud West, that being lunch at a member's holiday home. Our hosts certainly made us welcome, with a marquee set up in the back yard, and after we had admired their car collection, they fired up the BBQ and 'fed and watered' all of us. The marquee was a godsend as it rained briefly during lunch, and after all of the talk had been exhausted we said our thank yous and headed home with a pleasant drive along the coast through Safety Beach, Mount Martha, Mornington and Frankston.




Saturday, 9th September 2017


It is always sad to see an organisation put in so much hard work on a project, just to see the weather ruin it. This was almost the case with the local Rotary Club who run the Diamond Creek Town Fair. It rained for the week before the event was due to happen. The two football ovals that they have used in the past were unable to be used for the event. This meant that only the roadway around the Coventry Oval and a small nearby area dry enough to run the amusement rides could be used.

On the morning of the fair, we had six club cars lined up to drive in the parade, and as long as the rain held off we were there to enjoy the day.


We gathered just off the main street on the local netball courts, ready to go. We were No.32 in the list of participants on the parade, behind all the usual - local schools; dance clubs; scouts; CFA; Police and the local SES crew, etc along with a motorbike club and some members of the MG car club.

We, as always, received a great reception from the onlookers as we drove down through the town's main street. We usually have lots of interaction with the public once parked up, but because of the previous weeks appalling weather, we ended up well beyond the festivities, at the far end of the Coventry Oval, with very few people getting this far up to look at the cars, so we didn't have much chance to talk with people about our cars and the club. About 1 pm, before the waether turned foul again, we packed up and headed for home.




Saturday & Sunday, 26th & 27th August 2017


Three members from the Eastern Suburbs, driving solo and in a 1960 105E Anglia de luxe saloon, a 1960 100E Escort wagon and a 1964 Ford Thunderbird, set off from Ferntree Gully on the Saturday and headed for Castlemaine, where they had booked a 3-bedroom cabin on the Central Caravan Park.

They had a lovely sunny, but cool winter's day for their trip. After booking in at the caravan park, they had a walk around the town to suss out a suitable venue for dinner. Dinner was at the Cumberland Hotel opposite the old Post Office on Barker Street. They had a very nice meal there.

Back at the cabin, we were having a nightcap when a steam train whistled as it passed over the viaduct behind their cabin, on its way to Maldon, but it was very dark and all they could see were the lights in the carriages. The train returned later in the evening and made another departure towards Maldon, whistling again as it did so.

After breakfast, they took pictures of the cars against the railway viaduct before departing for Marong about 9am, and called at a servo to fill up. They were joined at the servo by two other classics, and for all intents and purposes it could have been a real "period street scene"!

At Marong, they met up with our Central Goldfields Area representative and his father, who had brought a 1954 100E Prefect sedan and a 1959 100E Escort wagon and had grabbed a prominent position on the oval. In the row of cars behind us, another member had parked his big white American Ford sedan.


The numbers of cars, commercials, tractors and motorcycles were a little down on previous years, however, there was a wide variety of vehicles of many different makes to see, with good displays by the Standard Vanguard, Buick and Dodge car clubs, also the North Central Vintage Car Club, who had a member who had brought along a 105E Anglia de luxe saloon that she had owned from new! There was a very impressive display of about 50 'Golden Oldies' (pre-1930) assembled near the entrance to the oval. They were to depart at 2pm for St Arnaud, the first stop on a multi-day rally.

Around 1:45am, dark clouds started to appear, and the organizers wisely decided to bring forward the free raffle (every driver being given a ticket on entering the oval). All three of our members from the Eastern Suburbs were to win a raffle prize.


The 'Easterners' left around 2pm and encountered several showers on the way back to Melbourne. One shower was particularly heavy, and the Escort owner had to slow down to allow his vacuum wipers to work! Approaching Calder Park Services, there was a loud bang and the engine of the Escort became noisy, and he had to pull on to the hard shoulder to investigate. It turned out that the exhaust pipe had sheared about an inch below where it was clamped to the manifold! He managed to get to the services, where he rang the RACV, and his car ended up on a tow truck for the last stage of the journey home! That episode spoilt what was otherwise a very enjoyable weekend!




Thursday, 17th August 2017


For once we broke the 'magic dozen' and had 13 members attend our third Social Evening for 2017. Once again the topics of conversation were wide and varied, with a lot of help and advice being given to a certain person and his ute project!

As usual, we enjoyed a good meal and a drink or two in good company. 





 Sunday, 29th July 2017

This year's FFF was a huge success with over 110 cars presenting on a mild and sunny winter's day. It was clearly the best weather we've ever had for the event. Everyone seemed to have a good time and there was much socialising throughout the day.

The mix of 'flatheads' this year was similar to previous years, with the number of V8s outweighing all the others put together. In fact, there were probably over 80 there this year, with Model Ts and Model As being down on previous years. However, we (FORDCA) had our best year ever, with our members responsible for bringing no less than 10 Small Fords and a V8. The Small Fords were a 1934 Model Y sedan; a 1936 Model CX De Luxe sedan; a 1939 E93A Prefect sedan; a 1949 A493A Prefect coupe ute; a 1950 A493OA/B Anglia 10hp saloon; a 1951 A493A Prefect coupe ute; a 1951 A494A Anglia tourer; a 1955 103E Popular roadster, well-type ute; a 1960 100E Escort wagon and a 1960 105E Anglia de luxe saloon. The Early Ford V8 was a 1949 Mercury.

This year the RACV was a proud supporter of the event, both physically on the day (by providing two marquees, and bringing along their Model A roadster ute and 1950 A493A Prefect coupe ute), as well as printing the flyers for us.



Wandong Public Hall

Sunday, 9th July


We had our best attendance ever for this event, which was in three parts: the A.G.M., the General Meeting and the BBQ and Swap Meet. The first two parts were held in the beautiful, 115-year old Public Hall at Wandong, the first time we'd used this venue, and we had 29 members attend the first part and 31 the second. Three more joined us for the third part, which was held a short walk down Rail Street, at the home of our President and his wife. It was pleasing to see that we had members come from Beaconsfield, Lovely Banks, Castlemaine, Bendigo and Seymour as well as from Melbourne.

The A.G.M. concluded with some presentations. Two loyal members were inducted onto the "FORDCA Roll of Honour" by being presented with Life Membership certificates.

After a short break for refreshments, the General Meeting was held. It began with some more presentations. Two members were congratulated for putting Small Fords back on the road and were each presented with a special framed certificate.

It seemed more was being sold rather than swapped at the swap meet, and a Dutch auction was held with the prize being an engine, believed to have been reconditioned, that the club had recently acquired. The BBQ was ably prepared and cooked by several members and was very tasty. A good choice of desserts was supplied by the club, supplemented with some delicious home-made cakes from the ladies.





Sunday, 18th June 2017


We met at Ferntree Gully McDonalds, for a 10:30am departure. Of course, there was the usual coffee and stuff before we left. In attendance were 12 club members and three guests in 6 Small Fords and an 'alternative classic'.


Our leader took us on a leisurely drive through Ferntree Gully, Upwey and on to our first stop at One Tree Hill. We had to climb some very steep hills that most of us had never driven before. At this site, we reminisced about the old look-out that used to be there, only about 20 years ago. Now, there is a monument to the WWII Kokoda campaign, with information about the Australian and Japanese involvement.

From One Tree Hill, we journeyed along the Mt. Dandenong Tourist Road via Olinda, to a relatively unknown outlook on Eyre Road, at the top of Mt. Dandenong, where the TV towers are, and walked to the edge of the mountain for the spectacular view back over the valley, west, towards the City.

After inhaling the clear air, we backtracked and then popped into the car park at the Kalorama Lookout (looking east), just opposite the old Sassafras Post Office, now a cafe/coffee shop/tourist shop. Once again, the view was startling. The Dandenongs, both sides, on a nice day are really breathtaking.


Leaving this pretty spot, we found some more steep hills, this time going down (testing brakes and gearboxes), and made our way, with many twists and turns, to our lunch venue at the Upwey RSL. A lovely rustic place without pokies, therefore struggling to survive, but we all did our bit and had a lovely big lunch and a look through their military museum.

Soon it was time to disperse for home, which for most was not too far away. All the Small Fords certainly had a good work-out for 1st and 2nd gear, even the OHV 107E and 105Es struggled on some of those extremely steep, hilly roads and, as usual, our unique little cars drew the public's attention throughout the journey.



Sunday, 21ST May 2017




Our Central Goldfields Group had a beautiful autumn day for this event, which saw them cruise to Castlemaine for Heritage Day, organised by the Castlemaine Historic Vehicle Club. Our local area rep and his father took the former's 1954 MkI 100E Prefect sedan and his 1959 MkII 100E Escort estate car. They were joined by another local member in his new acquisition, a 1948 Ford Anglia special, and a member from Wandong in his 1951 A494A Anglia tourer.

There were not as many vehicles at this event as there were last year, but there was still a good variety of veteran, vintage, and classic cars.




We celebrated National Motoring Heritage Day by a run for Ford Flathead owners in the north-eastern suburbs, avoiding freeways and ultra-busy roads. We invited members of the Model T Ford Club Victoria, the Model A Ford Club Victoria to join us on this day for a cruise round the chosen area.

Members of the three clubs met in the car park of The Manhattan Hotel at Ringwood and departed in convoy. We proceeded through Ringwood centre and Park Orchards to Warrandyte, where we had morning coffee at the Warran Glen Café & Nursery. The proprietors had kindly left their overspill car park free for us. The cakes here were scrumptious!

We continued on our cruise through Kangaroo Ground, Eltham and Templestowe to Schramms Cottage, located just off Victoria Street in Doncaster. Here we were given a very warm welcome by members of the Doncaster & Templestowe Historical Society, who had very kindly agreed to open up their 'heritage enclosure' two hours earlier than normal. We were able to park our cars in a long line on Rieschiecks Reserve (adjacent to 'the enclosure') and enjoy our picnic lunch to the rear of them, whilst chatting to members of the other clubs and the general public who appreciated the unexpected 'bonus' of the car display.


We had a lovely, sunny autumn day for our run, which traversed rather undulating countryside with terrific views over the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. We had about 20 cars on the run, including 7 Model Ts; 7 Model As; 3 small Ford 'sidevalves'; a Minerva and a BMC Mini.





Friday, 5th May (pm) to Monday, 15th May 2017 (am)


We shall be setting up a separate page on the website to commemorate this event, on which 23 F.O.R.D.C.A. members and 6 guests participated in 13 Small Fords and an 'alternative classic'.




Saturday & Sunday, 1st & 2nd April 2017


Saturday 1st April, marked the 14th Macedon tour, and the third our member from Mckinnon has participated on. This year's event once again did not disappoint. Incidentally, "G.R.E.A.T." in the title stands for "Gisborne Region Events Activities & Tourism".

The cars this year, as in most years, were a mix from the 1930's to the 80's (cars must be a least 25 years old) and flags on the Saturday morning from Gisborne town centre with a 9.00am start. The featured marque of the rally this year were Australian-built Fords. A help-yourself breakfast was provided by volunteers of the Gisborne Bowling Club.

The first stop was for morning tea at the Woodend market, Lunch was provided at Lancefield Park, Lancefield and catered for by the Lancefield CWA. Afternoon tea was held at the Paramoor Winery, Carlsruhe, where cakes and coffee were in abundance. The end-of-tour dinner was a sit-down affair at the Kyneton Town Hall.

Sunday's post event "picnic in the park" was a display of the tour cars held along the banks of Jacksons Creek in Gisborne, which coincided with the monthly Gisborne Olde Time Market.

All participants are given a "tour bag" which included caps, with the tour logo, cups for tea and coffee at the stops if needed, route maps, and a 60-page booklet with glossy photos of all the cars.

While the distance between each leg of the tour was around 90kms, participants could travel at their leisure, and choose how much, or how little of the journey they wished to complete.





Sunday, 26th March 2017


As usual, we started from The Manhattan Hotel in Ringwood and finished at the Kalorama Oval on top of the Dandenong Ranges. Our Run Co-ordinator went in his 1936 Model CX De Luxe roadster, and was joined at The Manhattan by two members in a white & yellow 1960 105E Anglia de luxe saloon, and two more in their white & light blue 1959 100E Prefect de luxe sedan. The run took us through Boronia, Ferntree Gully, Belgrave South, Belgrave, Kallista, Sassafras and Olinda.


At the roundabout in the centre of Belgrave, we were given the option of (a) going straight ahead, up Terrys Avenue, or (b) turning right and going via Kallista and Sherbrooke. (a) is very steep and a severe test of one's driving skills, having to tackle it from a standing start! (b) also involves a fairly steep climb with a hairpin bend in it, but is much less demanding from a driver's point of view. We didn't fancy burning our clutches out, so we took the easy option, via Kallista! For once, we didn't stop for a cuppa on the way, and drove direct to the oval, where we met up with two more members in their 'Army green' 1951 A493A Prefect coupe utility which is still largely in original condition. Whilst our leader had 'Snowy' and 'Bruno' (two large teddy bears!) sat in the dickie seat of his roadster, a set-up which usually attracts favourable comments from the ladies, the ute owners, not to be outdone, had recently acquired a large, fierce-looking dog (in stuffed form, of course) and sat it upon the tailgate, chained to the side, as you do on a ute! It, too, attracted a lot of attention and it all made for good inter-action with the public.

At the 'show and shine' on the Kalorama Oval, there was a tremendous mix of veteran, vintage and classic cars, including impressive displays by the Alvis and Riley car clubs.

Once again, we had a gorgeous day for this event. To make up for that lack of a coffee stop in the morning, three of us called at the Chocolaterie in Montrose for a little indulgence on the way home. It was a nice way to end the day.




Friday, 24th March 2017


On a visit to her local library early in March, our member in Benalla, saw a poster advertising a book evening on 24th March for children featuring Harry Potter, with quizzes, activities, games and pizza. As she was aware that a blue 105E Anglia features in book 2 of the series, she approached the staff and offered to attend the evening with 'Bluebell', her light blue 1963 105E Anglia saloon.

At first the staff thought that it might have been just a toy, and asked how big it was! When told that it was a real car, and is driven regularly by our member, they couldn't hide their excitement when she offered to take her along for the evening. So, along with wizard costume, she went.

As you can imagine, the children couldn't believe that such a car actually existed! After a great evening, 'Bluebell' and our member then flew off into the night.






Sunday, 19th March 2017


The first of two club events scheduled for March was an 'exclusive' club run round Eltham, which was organized by our President. We gathered at the Maccas' Restaurant in Eltham for a cuppa and a chat before setting off on the day's tour.

Our first port of call was Eltham Market, which is held in a location close to the railway station and separated from a sports oval by a wooden trestle bridge carrying the electrified Hurstbridge line. Surely there can't be many bridges like this left on a suburban railway system in Australia?


After spending 45 minutes or so browsing the market stalls, we moved on to Eltham Lower Park, where we were to have our picnic lunch. The park is famous as the home of the Diamond Valley Miniature Railway, and just as we entered the park, a train full of passengers passed us hauled by a scale model of a Santa Fe GM diesel-electric loco. As it was a very nice day, the park was chock-a-block with people enjoying the amenities and parking spaces were at a premium. We ended up in a nice shady spot, on a bank off the perimeter road on the far side of the park. Despite being so isolated, we still had a lot of people come and have a look at our cars and pass comment.

After our picnic lunch, we drove back through Eltham to the Edendale Farm Community Environment Centre, located just off the road to Diamond Creek, where we were given a guided tour and were allowed to hand-feed the sheep, chooks, guinea fowl and turkeys. From there we all made our own ways home. It had been a most enjoyable day in good company and good weather.

Twelve members in seven Small Fords and a 'modern' participated on this run. The Small Fords were a blue 1936 Model CX De Luxe roadster; a dark blue 1938 7W 'Ten' sedan; a maroon & black 1950 Fordson E83W Thames 10cwt 'woodie' (making its debut after a full restoration/rebuild); a light blue 1949 A493A Prefect sedan; a pale green 1959 100E Anglia saloon; a 1960 105E Anglia de luxe saloon and a 1963 105E Anglia de luxe saloon.

KNOX Show N Shine

Various dates in 2016/2017


'Knox Show n Shine' has been held on the evening of the second Tuesday of each month during the 'daylight saving' months. In 2016/2017 they were held on 11th October; 8th November; 13th December; 10th January; 14th February and 14th March. The event is organized by the Rotary Club of Knox and our Club's Secretary is on the organizing committee, so has been to every one of them, helping to raise money for local charities. He has taken his 105E Anglia de luxe saloon, 'Primrose' along to most of them.

The Show 'n' Shine on 13th December was particularly memorable. Seeing as it was the last one for 2016, it was decided that Father Christmas would arrive in a Small Ford. So 'Bernie's Barra' was co-opted as the transport vehicle, otherwise known as 'Santa's Sleigh', and Santa arrived in the back of it. The evening was a big hit with the kids and parents and certainly added to the spirit of the occasion.

The Rotary Club of Knox has tried to make this event more attractive and family-orientated and appear to have succeeded, with a good roll up of vehicles, prizes, music, BBQ sausages and drinks and on this occasion, Santa handing out lollies to the kids (and to some of the big kids too!)

All types of vehicles are present including muscle cars, hot rods and street machines, but our little cars still attract their fair share of attention. Several members from our Club have attended in either their small fords or alternative classics.





Deakin University, Waurn Ponds

Sunday, 19th February 2017


We had two members as exhibitors with three vehicles. A member in Lovely Banks, near Geelong, brought along his blue and white 1953 Fordson E83W Thames merchant's van and also his little 1956 100E Prefect de luxe sedan. Both vehicles were in immaculate condition and beautifully presented. He also brought along a great display of posters and advertising material from yesteryear about our precious vehicles.

The other member, from Lockwood South, near Bendigo, brought along his brilliant red 1959 100E Escort wagon. The red flames in the upholstery certainly give the impression it would have been at home in the U.K. version of 'GREASE'.

There were a great number of Ford racing greats present, including Fred Gibson, Alan Moffat, John Bowe and Dick Johnson. As per usual, there was close to, or just over, 1000 cars to look at and they covered many decades. A special display of Model Ts and As were beautifully turned out.

In between the stormy weather, the judges did their jobs and eventually some prizes were awarded. The member from Lovely Banks picked up the top awards for the Best 8 & 10 hp Sidevalve with his Fordson and Best Anglia/Prefect with his Prefect. The runner-up awards in those classes were won by a non-member from Ballarat with his Fordson and the member from Lockwood South with his Escort, respectively.





Flemington Racecourse Car Park, Melbourne

Sunday, 19th February 2017

Well, we had to have a wet day in Melbourne sooner or later, but did it have to be this particular day? We knew of four events that we could have taken our cars to that day, and all were affected by the weather! Only three members went to Flemington, two of them in a cream 100E Prefect sedan, and the other in a 1960 100E Escort wagon, and these two cars were to be the only Sidevalve-powered English Fords on display there. For the entire drive to the event, it rained continuously. That put a damper on things to start with!

Upon arrival at the racecourse at 9:45am, we were directed to a spot with the other English Fords (mostly post-1965), parked up and immediately took advantage of one of those rare breaks in the weather to have a quick look round. There were 840 entrants that day, but the vast majority were post-1960 cars.

Our members had had enough of the foul weather by 1pm and left for home. It was not a nice day for a car show.



Thursday, 16th February 2017

We had 12 members attend our first Social Evening for 2017. As usual, we enjoyed a good meal and a drink or two in good company.




Saturday, 11th February 2017

One of our members took his 'alternative classic', a 1963 Ford Thunderbird, along to this event to see what it was like, with a view to recommending it for a club run in 2018. He and a friend in another classic car arrived at the Yarra Glen racecourse and lined up with all of the other vehicles that were participating, and what a line up it was! He estimated that there were about 500 vehicles there, of all sorts. The parking area was full, including a substantial number of motorbikes.

He spotted another member in his Prefect coupe ute and they had a bit of a chat, but then it was time to go. Everyone merged into a single line to get out of the gate, and headed up towards the highway where the police were directing the traffic.

It was a pleasant drive up through Dixons Creek, where a third member was seen, parked on the side of the road in his 103E Popular coupe ute waving on the rally participants, and on towards the Kinglake/Toolangi intersection, where they turned right towards Healesville (the intersection again being controlled by police). The final destination was Healesville railway station, where everyone parked up and enjoyed a sausage sizzle with bands playing popular music.

The rally finished with a "laying of the wreath" ceremony in memory of those affected by the fires, including all of the support services that were called into action.

This rally was very well organized, well supported, well attended and all proceeds went directly to charity, in this case the CFA. On top of that there were people lining the route all along the way, cheering and showing their appreciation for all those involved. There is no doubt that this event will be included in our Club Calendar for next year!




Melbourne to Mornington Racecourse

Sunday, 5th February 2017


One of our members participated in his 1950 E493OA/B Anglia 10hp 2 door saloon on this event, which was held a little later than usual. Entrants were treated to a free sausage sizzle and coffee at the starting points (St. Kilda Road, Melbourne; Stud Park, Rowville and Western Port Marina, Hastings), with the idea of the cars at each starting point driving together to the display at Mornington Racecourse.

Hosted by the RACV and the All British Classics Car Club, there were over 800 cars present at the racecourse, and all funds raised benefited the Peter Mac Cancer Centre.

The number and quality of cars on display at this event is always terrific, with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. In addition to our member's car, there were at least two more Small Fords at Mornington




Seaworks, Williamstown

Sunday, 5th February 2017


It was left to two members; one in a 1953 Fordson E83W Thames 10cwt panel van, and the other in a 1960 100E Escort, to fly the flag for the club at this popular annual event this year. Along with no less than seven 105E Anglias (possibly a record for this event), they formed the Anglia-Prefect Class. The show's hosts, the RS Owners Club Victoria, seem to allocate the various classes of vehicle to different locations around the Seaworks site each year, and this year our cars were parked with their backs to the main entrance road, opposite some apparently derelict buildings.

A modified 105E race car won our class (as it did last year), with the solitary 100E being adjudged runner-up.

The featured marque this year was the MkII Escort, and there were some fine specimens exhibited in the main exhibition hall. Outside, there were large displays of MkI Escorts, Cortinas, Capris, Fiestas and Focuses; a few MkII Consul/Zephyr/Zodiac and a solitary Sierra.

Seaworks is an old boatyard now under the jurisdiction of Parks Victoria. It is located on the south side of the Yarra estuary, opposite the Melbourne CBD and about 6kms from it as the crow flies.





Kings Domain Gardens, Melbourne

Thursday, 26th January 2017

Seemingly, only two members of our club submitted bids to the Federation of Veteran, Vintage & Classic Vehicle Clubs to display a car at this year's Australia Day celebrations, which were restricted to just 130 cars by the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Both members had their cars accepted and subsequently arranged to meet up on the morning of 26th January to drive into the Kings Domain Gardens together, so that they would be parked together on Linlithgow Avenue.

They were unaware until they were at the entrance to the Gardens that the Federation had decided to park cars of the same era together this year, and had listed most entrants chronologically in the programme to match the line-up of cars. One car (a 1960 100E Escort wagon) was supposed to be in the same class as 1960s cars, but somehow they put him with the 1950s cars (which is where it really belonged, being of a type introduced in 1955!), and the other member (in a 1950 E493OA/B Anglia 10hp saloon) still managed to park next to him!

Apart from a short shower around midday, they had nice weather for this event. It's such a shame that the smaller display of cars meant that the Gardens were largely empty and lacking the 'atmosphere' of previous years (note the 'emptiness' of the Gardens in the background of some of the accompanying pictures of this event). In previous years, they would be thronging with people!





Wednesday, 18th January 2017

Replies to an email circulated to club members a few days beforehand showed that there was sufficient interest in a midweek run on this date, which was forecast to be a very pleasant day. Five members in four cars (a 1956 MkI 100E Prefect sedan; a 1960 100E Escort wagon; a 1960 107E Prefect sedan and a 1960 105E Anglia de luxe saloon, met up in Boronia and proceeded to the first stop, the historical marker in Sheffield Road near Como Gardens in The Basin.

Our convoy proceeded to the end of Sheffield Road (very hilly but quite scenic!) at Mt Dandenong Tourist Road and then drove down into Montrose, before making their way via Mt Evelyn and Wandin to Yarra Junction. There they met up with two more members in a 1950 A493A Prefect coupe utility and drove the short distance to the Gladysdale Bakery, their morning coffee stop. From the veranda of the bakery they had lovely views of the Great Dividing Range.

Suitably refreshed, our convoy returned to Yarra Junction and took the left turn at the traffic lights and headed for Noojee via Powelltown. On this leg of the trip, they drove along the southern fringe of the Great Dividing Range (Yarra Ranges). All the time they were driving through thick forest, with tall and majestic mountain ash trees on either side of the road from Powelltown almost into Noojee. It is so quiet, can be quite eerie, but is so beautiful! The only other vehicles they saw were timber trucks, and they always seemed to appear as they were negotiating bends!

After joining the road from Neerim South at the approach to Noojee, the convoy turned off the highway and made the short trip up an unsealed road to the old railway trestle bridge, one of two known to survive on the line from Warragul to Noojee, which opened in stages between 1892 and 1919, and was officially closed on 1st October 1958.

After taking the compulsory shot of their cars against the bridge, the convoy travelled the last leg into Noojee and up to The Toolshed pub, on a hillside on the other side of the La Trobe River to the township.

During lunch, our members had a big decision to make: as some wanted to top up their tanks, and there was no servo in Noojee, should they proceed south to Neerim South, which was some 20kms away, or should they return west to Yarra Junction, which was about 45kms away? The majority opted to carry on to Neerim South.

After lunch, we visited one more place, the replica railway station at Noojee, before travelling either south or west. The annoying thing was that when the majority got to Neerim South, the petrol bowsers were fully automated, but wouldn't accept our debit or credit cards, so we had to continue via Jindivick to Labertouche, on the Princes Freeway, to fill up our tanks. From there, the convoy made its way home via Pakenham. It meant that we had completed a 230km (144 mile) round trip that day, but had had good weather, good company and seen some wonderful sights!





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