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Previous Events in which Our Club has Participated

KNOX Show N Shine

Various dates in 2016/2017


'Knox Show n Shine' has been held on the evening of the second Tuesday of each month during the 'daylight saving' months. In 2016/2017 they were held on 11th October; 8th November; 13th December; 10th January; 14th February and 14th March. The event is organized by the Rotary Club of Knox and our Club's Secretary is on the organizing committee, so has been to every one of them, helping to raise money for local charities. He has taken his 105E Anglia de luxe saloon, 'Primrose' along to most of them.

The Show 'n' Shine on 13th December was particularly memorable. Seeing as it was the last one for 2016, it was decided that Father Christmas would arrive in a Small Ford. So 'Bernie's Barra' was co-opted as the transport vehicle, otherwise known as 'Santa's Sleigh', and Santa arrived in the back of it. The evening was a big hit with the kids and parents and certainly added to the spirit of the occasion.

The Rotary Club of Knox has tried to make this event more attractive and family-orientated and appear to have succeeded, with a good roll up of vehicles, prizes, music, BBQ sausages and drinks and on this occasion, Santa handing out lollies to the kids (and to some of the big kids too!)

All types of vehicles are present including muscle cars, hot rods and street machines, but our little cars still attract their fair share of attention. Several members from our Club have attended in either their small fords or alternative classics.





Deakin University, Waurn Ponds

Sunday, 19th February 2017


We had two members as exhibitors with three vehicles. A member in Lovely Banks, near Geelong, brought along his blue and white 1953 Fordson E83W Thames merchant's van and also his little 1956 100E Prefect de luxe sedan. Both vehicles were in immaculate condition and beautifully presented. He also brought along a great display of posters and advertising material from yesteryear about our precious vehicles.

The other member, from Lockwood South, near Bendigo, brought along his brilliant red 1959 100E Escort wagon. The red flames in the upholstery certainly give the impression it would have been at home in the U.K. version of 'GREASE'.

There were a great number of Ford racing greats present, including Fred Gibson, Alan Moffat, John Bowe and Dick Johnson. As per usual, there was close to, or just over, 1000 cars to look at and they covered many decades. A special display of Model Ts and As were beautifully turned out.

In between the stormy weather, the judges did their jobs and eventually some prizes were awarded. The member from Lovely Banks picked up the top awards for the Best 8 & 10 hp Sidevalve with his Fordson and Best Anglia/Prefect with his Prefect. The runner-up awards in those classes were won by a non-member from Ballarat with his Fordson and the member from Lockwood South with his Escort, respectively.





Flemington Racecourse Car Park, Melbourne

Sunday, 19th February 2017

Well, we had to have a wet day in Melbourne sooner or later, but did it have to be this particular day? We knew of four events that we could have taken our cars to that day, and all were affected by the weather! Only three members went to Flemington, two of them in a cream 100E Prefect sedan, and the other in a 1960 100E Escort wagon, and these two cars were to be the only Sidevalve-powered English Fords on display there. For the entire drive to the event, it rained continuously. That put a damper on things to start with!

Upon arrival at the racecourse at 9:45am, we were directed to a spot with the other English Fords (mostly post-1965), parked up and immediately took advantage of one of those rare breaks in the weather to have a quick look round. There were 840 entrants that day, but the vast majority were post-1960 cars.

Our members had had enough of the foul weather by 1pm and left for home. It was not a nice day for a car show.



Thursday, 16th February 2017

We had 12 members attend our first Social Evening for 2017. As usual, we enjoyed a good meal and a drink or two in good company.




Saturday, 11th February 2017

One of our members took his 'alternative classic', a 1963 Ford Thunderbird, along to this event to see what it was like, with a view to recommending it for a club run in 2018. He and a friend in another classic car arrived at the Yarra Glen racecourse and lined up with all of the other vehicles that were participating, and what a line up it was! He estimated that there were about 500 vehicles there, of all sorts. The parking area was full, including a substantial number of motorbikes.

He spotted another member in his Prefect coupe ute and they had a bit of a chat, but then it was time to go. Everyone merged into a single line to get out of the gate, and headed up towards the highway where the police were directing the traffic.

It was a pleasant drive up through Dixons Creek, where a third member was seen, parked on the side of the road in his 103E Popular coupe ute waving on the rally participants, and on towards the Kinglake/Toolangi intersection, where they turned right towards Healesville (the intersection again being controlled by police). The final destination was Healesville railway station, where everyone parked up and enjoyed a sausage sizzle with bands playing popular music.

The rally finished with a “laying of the wreath” ceremony in memory of those affected by the fires, including all of the support services that were called into action.

This rally was very well organized, well supported, well attended and all proceeds went directly to charity, in this case the CFA. On top of that there were people lining the route all along the way, cheering and showing their appreciation for all those involved. There is no doubt that this event will be included in our Club Calendar for next year!




Melbourne to Mornington Racecourse

Sunday, 5th February 2017


One of our members participated in his 1950 E493OA/B Anglia 10hp 2 door saloon on this event, which was held a little later than usual. Entrants were treated to a free sausage sizzle and coffee at the starting points (St. Kilda Road, Melbourne; Stud Park, Rowville and Western Port Marina, Hastings), with the idea of the cars at each starting point driving together to the display at Mornington Racecourse.

Hosted by the RACV and the All British Classics Car Club, there were over 800 cars present at the racecourse, and all funds raised benefited the Peter Mac Cancer Centre.

The number and quality of cars on display at this event is always terrific, with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. In addition to our member's car, there were at least two more Small Fords at Mornington




Seaworks, Williamstown

Sunday, 5th February 2017


It was left to two members; one in a 1953 Fordson E83W Thames 10cwt panel van, and the other in a 1960 100E Escort, to fly the flag for the club at this popular annual event this year. Along with no less than seven 105E Anglias (possibly a record for this event), they formed the Anglia-Prefect Class. The show's hosts, the RS Owners Club Victoria, seem to allocate the various classes of vehicle to different locations around the Seaworks site each year, and this year our cars were parked with their backs to the main entrance road, opposite some apparently derelict buildings.

A modified 105E race car won our class (as it did last year), with the solitary 100E being adjudged runner-up.

The featured marque this year was the MkII Escort, and there were some fine specimens exhibited in the main exhibition hall. Outside, there were large displays of MkI Escorts, Cortinas, Capris, Fiestas and Focuses; a few MkII Consul/Zephyr/Zodiac and a solitary Sierra.

Seaworks is an old boatyard now under the jurisdiction of Parks Victoria. It is located on the south side of the Yarra estuary, opposite the Melbourne CBD and about 6kms from it as the crow flies.





Kings Domain Gardens, Melbourne

Thursday, 26th January 2017

Seemingly, only two members of our club submitted bids to the Federation of Veteran, Vintage & Classic Vehicle Clubs to display a car at this year's Australia Day celebrations, which were restricted to just 130 cars by the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Both members had their cars accepted and subsequently arranged to meet up on the morning of 26th January to drive into the Kings Domain Gardens together, so that they would be parked together on Linlithgow Avenue.

They were unaware until they were at the entrance to the Gardens that the Federation had decided to park cars of the same era together this year, and had listed most entrants chronologically in the programme to match the line-up of cars. One car (a 1960 100E Escort wagon) was supposed to be in the same class as 1960s cars, but somehow they put him with the 1950s cars (which is where it really belonged, being of a type introduced in 1955!), and the other member (in a 1950 E493OA/B Anglia 10hp saloon) still managed to park next to him!

Apart from a short shower around midday, they had nice weather for this event. It's such a shame that the smaller display of cars meant that the Gardens were largely empty and lacking the 'atmosphere' of previous years (note the 'emptiness' of the Gardens in the background of some of the accompanying pictures of this event). In previous years, they would be thronging with people!





Wednesday, 18th January 2017

Replies to an email circulated to club members a few days beforehand showed that there was sufficient interest in a midweek run on this date, which was forecast to be a very pleasant day. Five members in four cars (a 1956 MkI 100E Prefect sedan; a 1960 100E Escort wagon; a 1960 107E Prefect sedan and a 1960 105E Anglia de luxe saloon, met up in Boronia and proceeded to the first stop, the historical marker in Sheffield Road near Como Gardens in The Basin.

Our convoy proceeded to the end of Sheffield Road (very hilly but quite scenic!) at Mt Dandenong Tourist Road and then drove down into Montrose, before making their way via Mt Evelyn and Wandin to Yarra Junction. There they met up with two more members in a 1950 A493A Prefect coupe utility and drove the short distance to the Gladysdale Bakery, their morning coffee stop. From the veranda of the bakery they had lovely views of the Great Dividing Range.

Suitably refreshed, our convoy returned to Yarra Junction and took the left turn at the traffic lights and headed for Noojee via Powelltown. On this leg of the trip, they drove along the southern fringe of the Great Dividing Range (Yarra Ranges). All the time they were driving through thick forest, with tall and majestic mountain ash trees on either side of the road from Powelltown almost into Noojee. It is so quiet, can be quite eerie, but is so beautiful! The only other vehicles they saw were timber trucks, and they always seemed to appear as they were negotiating bends!

After joining the road from Neerim South at the approach to Noojee, the convoy turned off the highway and made the short trip up an unsealed road to the old railway trestle bridge, one of two known to survive on the line from Warragul to Noojee, which opened in stages between 1892 and 1919, and was officially closed on 1st October 1958.

After taking the compulsory shot of their cars against the bridge, the convoy travelled the last leg into Noojee and up to The Toolshed pub, on a hillside on the other side of the La Trobe River to the township.

During lunch, our members had a big decision to make: as some wanted to top up their tanks, and there was no servo in Noojee, should they proceed south to Neerim South, which was some 20kms away, or should they return west to Yarra Junction, which was about 45kms away? The majority opted to carry on to Neerim South.

After lunch, we visited one more place, the replica railway station at Noojee, before travelling either south or west. The annoying thing was that when the majority got to Neerim South, the petrol bowsers were fully automated, but wouldn't accept our debit or credit cards, so we had to continue via Jindivick to Labertouche, on the Princes Freeway, to fill up our tanks. From there, the convoy made its way home via Pakenham. It meant that we had completed a 230km (144 mile) round trip that day, but had had good weather, good company and seen some wonderful sights!




Sunday, 8th January 2017

It has become customary for us to have a run with The Early Ford V8 Club Victoria (EFV8CV) in early January and this year it was FORDCA's turn to organise it. We chose to go for a cruise down the Mornington Peninsula to the Panorama Garden Estate at Boneo, near Rosebud, which must be one of Victoria's best-kept secrets. It does not openly divulge its address, is only open to pre-booked parties and normally restricts the number of cars that can be accommodated on site to 10. It was discovered by two FORDCA members who also kindly offered to organise the run.

The biggest worry was that limit of 10 cars (there was no restriction on the number of people). Should we accept the first 10 owners bringing 'oldies' to register their interest? Should we split it between the two participating clubs, 5 cars each? Or should we give precedence to the first 10 participants to register, regardless of who they were and what car they were going in?

Another matter to decide was where to have lunch. Do we take a picnic or do we eat at a restaurant? If we chose to 'eat out', where do we go, many restaurants cease taking orders after 2:30pm. Eventually we opted to go to The Pig & Whistle pub near Arthur's Seat and booked tables for 20 (thinking we could easily squeeze in any extras, if necessary) at 2pm. This meant that, with a projected arrival time of 11am at the Garden, we would only be able to spend about 2¾ hours there before making the drive to the pub.

We were to have 25 participants on the run, 13 from FORDCA and 12 from the EFV8CV - in 8 'oldies' and 4 'moderns'. All the FORDCA members (who came in a 1934 Model Y sedan; a 1936 Model CX De Luxe roadster, a 1954 Ford Customline 2-door, a 1963 Ford Thunderbird and a couple of 'moderns'), plus a couple from the EFV8CV in their beautiful deep blue 1936 Ford V8 roadster, were to meet at the Dandenong Basketball Centre, where we were issued with a map and comprehensive route instructions.

At 9:40am, a little later than planned, our 7-car convoy set off from the Basketball Centre and headed for Bittern via Heatherton Road, the Monash Freeway and Westernport Highway. Just after Bittern railway station (where a thriving market was being held in the car park), we turned left, passed over a level crossing and then immediately right onto South Beach Road. A short distance down this road, we turned right into the property of two EFV8CV members at Bittern, where we were to pick up the other 10 EFV8CV members in three more V8s, a beautiful deep blue 1935 phaeton; a cream 1936 coupe and a cream 1947 Mercury, and a couple of 'moderns'. Here we had a short comfort break and were offered drinks, before setting off for Balnarring and Flinders via the Frankston, Flinders Road.


After passing through Flinders township, we took the Mornington, Flinders Road as far as Baldrys Road, and after travelling a few kilometres on that road, forked left onto Browns Road. A short distance later and we were turning left again, down Hyslops Road, which was unsealed and resulted in our cars being given a coating of dust! We were now in uncharted territory. We arrived at our destination about 11:10am, and had to wait at some ornamental gates before being greeted and admitted by one the owners, who turned a blind eye to the fact that we had slightly more than 10 cars!

The owners took us to the reception area and a marquee where we had morning coffee or tea and cake. From the marquee, we had a wonderful panoramic view over the tail end of the Mornington Peninsula, with Bass Strait to our left and Port Phillip Bay to our right. It was, no doubt, the close proximity of these waters and the off-shore winds that kept the temperature down and made it a beautiful, sunny day for our run.

We were given brochures and offered the choice of two walking tours, one lasting about 90 minutes and the other about an hour. Most of us opted for the longer tour, and left the shorter one for another time. Some who were not so fleet of foot were able to take a minibus ride round the same area. There were plots full of all sorts of plants, with the accent on Australian native plants and succulents. We were looking forward to seeing the mob of albino kangaroos the Garden is famous for, but had to be content with seeing them either from afar, or deep in their scrubland enclosure.

After our leisurely walk, there was just time for a quick drink before we thanked our hosts and mustered for the short drive to The Pig & Whistle on Purves Road. Four tables in a corner of the main dining room had been set aside for us and we settled down to enjoy a good meal in good company. Some of us even tried a pint of English beer, 'Old Speckled Hen', and no, it wasn't warm!!

After thanking the two FORDCA members who organised what had been such a splendid day, we all made our own ways home from there. Several of us opted to return by the same route as we had covered on the outward journey, calling at the Maccas restaurant in Hastings for a cuppa on the way.




Saddle Dam Reserve, Sugarloaf Reservoir

Sunday, 30th December 2016

We had 17 members and 2 guests participate on this, the last club event of 2016. Seven members met up at Lillydale Lake for the cruise to Sugarloaf Reservoir via Yarra Glen, and came in a 1934 Model Y sedan; a 1960 100E Escort wagon; a 1960 107E Prefect sedan and a 1960 105E Anglia de luxe saloon.

Our short convoy set off for the reservoir around 10am, and beyond Yarra Glen, we were soon reminded how steep the climb on the C276 towards Christmas Hills was, with some of us having to engage 2nd gear for what seemed an eternity! However, the views one gets of the Yarra Valley on this stretch are to die for! Thankfully we all surmounted the climb without any trouble.

We were joined at Saddle Dam Reserve by three members, two in a 1963 105E Anglia de luxe saloon and the other in a 1956 100E Prefect sedan, and 9 more in 'moderns'.

We had a gorgeous day for our picnic, dry but windy. The wind was probably responsible for keeping the flies away.

We virtually had the facilities at Saddle Dam Reserve to ourselves. It was a nice way to end an eventful year!





Maranoa Gardens, Balwyn

Sunday, 4th December 2016

We have always maintained that members are welcome to come on our club runs in their 'moderns' should they choose to do so, and this is one occasion when the majority chose to do so. Some were carrying food and equipment for the sumptuous BBQ that the club put on free for members, others were travelling from afar (we had members attend from Castlemaine and Strathbogie) and others simply chose not to bring their 'oldies'. Anyway, we ended up with only three Small Fords and an 'alternative classic' in the car park, comprising a 1951 A494A Anglia tourer; a 1960 100E Escort wagon; a 1960 300E Thames panel van and a 1952 Ford Crestline convertible.

One member in particular came down from Bendigo, and used public transport, which meant catching a train to Sunbury; a rail-replacement bus from there to Southern Cross and a tram from there to Balwyn! That's keenness for you!

We have always maintained that members are welcome to come on our club runs in their 'moderns' should they choose to do so, and this is one occasion when the majority chose to do so. Some were carrying food and equipment for the sumptuous BBQ that the club put on free for members, others were travelling from afar (we had members attend from Castlemaine and Strathbogie) and others simply chose not to bring their 'oldies'.

Anyway, we ended up with only three Small Fords and an 'alternative classic' in the car park, comprising a 1951 A494A Anglia tourer; a 1960 100E Escort wagon; a 1960 300E Thames panel van and a 1952 Ford Crestline convertible.

One member in particular came down from Bendigo, and used public transport, which meant catching a train to Sunbury; a rail-replacement bus from there to Southern Cross and a tram from there to Balwyn! That's keenness for you!

The event was being held at the same venue as last year, Maranoa Gardens in Parring Road, Balwyn, a park specializing in native plants, courtesy of a club member, who is the Curator, and his employers, Buroondarra Council. All told, we had 32 people turn up and celebrate. We spent a very pleasant day enjoying good food and catching up in pleasant and peaceful surroundings, the only thing that we couldn't control being the pesky mosquitoes, which had a good feast on us because none of us had thought to bring any insect repellent with us, had we?!

During the proceedings, our President made a couple of presentations. Our Treasurer was presented with the Lionel Bellette Trophy after being nominated as the 'Club Entity of the Year' for his work over and above that expected of a member of the club, and the aforementioned Curator was given a special memento as thanks for arranging the venue for us.




Saturday, 3rd December 2016

For many years, the Wandong Community Group, of which our President is a member, have run a hot dog stall at the Kilmore Town Fair, held on the first Saturday of December at the Kilmore race track. They find it a good way to raise funds for their Group, and he usually puts in a shift on the stall. This year, word got around that he had a collection of old cars, and the organisers asked him if he would display them at the show, to supplement some historic trucks that were to be displayed there.

To cut a long story short, he moved his cars to the showground on the Friday and as soon as the organisers saw how cute they were, they asked him if he would put them indoors in a special display in a corner of the main pavilion, near the main entrance and also right opposite the Wandong Community Group's stall. Of course, he jumped at the opportunity because he could keep his eye on the cars whilst working on the hot dog stall.

So the show organisers got an additional attraction; our President got to show his cars and our club got some unexpected publicity and everyone was happy (and no doubt the hot dog stand made a few dollars for the Group)!


Moorabbin Airport

Sunday, 20th November

Three of our members supported this new event. Two were in a 1959 100E Prefect de luxe sedan and the other in a 1950 E493OA/B Anglia 10hp 2-door saloon. It was quite by luck that they ended up parked next to each other.

The day was most enjoyable. There were around 150 cars, and they had warmish, sunny weather. The best part was the relaxed atmosphere, with cars arriving and leaving at will. There was a mixed bag of cars present; not too many vintage, mainly classic, hot rods, American Muscle cars, etc.


 at Eastwood Golf Club, Kilsyth

 Thursday, 17th November 2016


We had 15 members attend our fourth and final Social Evening for 2016. Whether it be recounting memories of recent holidays; elaborating on our resto projects; discussing club matters; seeking advice or simply catching up, it all took up our time and added to the enjoyment of a good meal and a drink or two in good company.




Yarra Glen Racecourse

Sunday, 13th November 2016

Four members in three Fords, a 1948 A54A Anglia coupe ute; a 1960 100E Escort wagon and a 1976 Ford XC GXL sedan, rendezvoused in the IGA car park at Yarra Glen before making the short run down to the racecourse, where we were joined by a fifth member in a 1937 7W 'Ten' 2-door saloon. Thankfully the weather was not as bad as it had been forecast, just a few very light showers during the morning.

The turnout of big trucks and buses, however, was as big as ever with many examples of American trucks but only about 15 of English manufacture. Vehicles to catch the eye were a Model TT Ford truck; an early Albion flatbed truck; one example each of a Foden and Albion three-axled flatbed truck; a Foden steam lorry and a Commer 'knocker' truck. There was an interesting line-up of 'Pioneer' coaches over the years.

During the morning, we were joined by two more members who had come in their moderns.

Some of us had a pleasant surprise in the afternoon, our '50s and '60s cars were requested by a film company for a shoot to be held in South Melbourne in late February 2017, something to look forward to!





Sandown Racecourse

Saturday & Sunday, 5th & 6th November 2016


A committee member of our club procured a number of tickets for "show cars" to this event and a number of our members put their hands up to attend.

On the Saturday, a late start was organized and so we met in Ferntree Gully at 9:45am with the idea of being at Sandown by 10:30. The day was overcast with a cold breeze, so everyone was decked out in winter gear. Our leader, with a guest in his 1963 Thunderbird. led the way, followed by another member in a 1960 105E Anglia de luxe saloon, and a friend of our leader in his red 1969 'Fastback' Mustang brought up the tail end Charlie position. Note the convoy consisted entirely of Fords, but all radically different from each other.

Upon arrival at Sandown Racecourse, we were directed to our respective positions near the grandstand. The morning was spent wandering around the pits with many interesting race cars to look at and drivers and mechanics to talk to. We noted that there were a number of race cars powered by 105E Kent engines. When talking to a mechanic as he worked on one, we were told that under the rules it had to run standard Ford valves and the camshaft wasn't allowed any heavy modification. Shortly after, we overheard the driver complaining that he couldn't get more than 6000 rpm coming out of the bends. Some people are never happy, apparently!

About 12 noon we returned to our cars for a quick bite of lunch, then took our cars to the far end of the front straight, and at 1:30pm we were allowed to do a couple of parade laps. After the laps, it was back to the display area and watch some racing until it was time to go home.

Sunday morning was an early start. At 8:15am we formed up at the same starting point again and this time there was an extra car, a 1960 100E Escort. Our leader chose to take his black 1936 Model CX de luxe sedan on this occasion and led the Ford procession to the racetrack. Even though the traffic was light, our four-car convoy got broken up a couple of times at various traffic lights, usually while trying to make a right-hand turn.

Upon arrival, most of us were directed to the same area we had occupied the previous day, while the Mustang was parked with the other "big brutes". The weather on Sunday was a lot more temperate and so the thick coats as seen the day before were missing - thank goodness. We visited the pits again and watched some of the races from the pit area. It really is a thrill to be able to talk with both the mechanics and the drivers. Most are quite sociable. There was quite a variety of race cars there from open wheelers to historic sedans. Even some of the car carriers were unique and historic.

After an hour or two we returned to the grandstand and watched the racing until lunch, after which we took a stroll through the rear pit area. After our stroll, it was back to watch some more racing and then finally it was time for home.

And so ended another enjoyable Small Ford Experience at the Historic Races.







Sunday, 30th October 2016


Fourteen "oldies" and a few "moderns" gathered from 10am at the Burvale Hotel at the corner of Burwood Highway and Springvale Road, Vermont South on what started as a warm, windy and overcast morning, with high winds, rain and hail forecast for later that day.


This was a run organized by The Early Ford V8 Club Victoria, to which members of the other Ford Flathead clubs (the Model T Ford Club of Victoria; the Model A Ford Club of Victoria and F.O.R.D.C.A.) had been invited, and the intention was to visit Como Gardens at The Basin. The gardens were evidently looking at their very best at that time of year.

However, just prior to the planned departure at 10:30am, all participants were rounded up and we were informed that, just a couple of days previously, new conditions had been imposed on our visit to the gardens which were not acceptable to those present. We voted to go to a car show at Akoonah Park in Berwick instead. So we had a nice cruise down Burwood Highway, and Lysterfield, Wellington and Berwick Roads to Akoonah Park, where we received a warm welcome when we arrived there around 11:30am. Most of us were able to park together in a long line, with the others close by.


In the meantime, a member of the EFV8C had kindly offered to go to Como Gardens to inform everybody who had gone directly there of the alternative plan, and most of them joined us at Akoonah Park.


With blue skies and sunshine, the rest of day went with a swing and we had a good time. Our cars attracted a lot of attention.





Castlemaine & Maldon Steam Railway

Sunday, 23rd October 2016

The layout of this show was changed around a bit this year, as they had all of the display vehicles down the bottom end of the station. Three of our Central Goldfields Area Group brought with them an ex-PMG Fordson "Ten-Ten" 10cwt van. a 100E Prefect sedan and a 100E Escort wagon.

The event is getting bigger each year. As well as the stationary engines and vintage tractor pull, there were a lot of stall holders and other attractions, like a horse-drawn farming implement demonstration and a belt driven hay bailer. There were of course the usual steam train rides. It is such a popular event that the Group will probably do it all again next year.






Sunday, 23rd October 2016


Motorclassica, the Southern Hemisphere's biggest International Concours de 'Elegance and Classic Car Show, has now been with us for seven years, but this is the first time we've participated in it, and it could be the last!

When we called for volunteers, we had no difficulty in finding five members to display their little Fords at this 'prestigious' event. So we put a bid in for the 'Club Sandwich' on Sunday, 23rd October. It was not until we were successful in obtaining a 6-car stand in the outdoor arena at the rear of the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton that we learnt that we had to be there by 7:10am and couldn't leave till after 4pm, making it a very, very long day!

As the day of reckoning approached, the weather forecast changed from "cloudy but dry" to "showers in the morning" and as the weather had been atrocious on the Saturday, we thoroughly expected our members to drop out. To our organizer's surprise and joy, everyone turned up by the pre-arranged time (6:55am) outside the well-known cemetery on Lygon Street, and we proceeded in convoy to the Royal Exhibition Building, where we arrived a couple of minutes early and caught the security staff off guard!

Once we had parked in our allotted spot at the rear of the iconic building, we went looking for our promised free cuppa, which turned out to be a serve-yourself job from a table placed outside the building (and in the rain!) rather than a cuppa in a comfortable, warm lounge in the interior of the building. And to make matters worse, there was either no hot water or they'd run out of coffee every time we tried to get a cuppa, so we gave up and bought one from one of the outside food vendors! We were not allowed into the building till 9am, so we had to stand outside in the rain for 100 minutes or more. Once the doors were opened, we were allowed to wander in and out of the place as we pleased by just showing our orange wrist bands.

We all had a good look round the indoor exhibits which, on the ground floor, were arranged in three groups: (A) up-market cars for sale; (B) entrants for the Concours de 'Elegance competition; and (C), a large display of Mercedes-Benz to celebrate 100 years of the marque. On the upper floor, there were some trade stands and stands promoting country towns and cities and the Maffra Museum, plus a large display of motor cycles of many different makes.


Outside, there was a large display of Lamborghinis and Ferraris, plus about 20 car club stands and yes, another large display of Mercedes-Benz.

The morning seemed to pass very slowly but around lunchtime the place was heaving with visitors and the afternoon passed very quickly. The weather also dried up and we were able to sit around in our picnic chairs. And believe it or not, we ended up going home slightly sunburnt (or was it rusty?)!

Needless to say, our display attracted a lot of attention and we had some very favourable comments. But unfortunately, no new members!

It remains to be seen if we can muster up enough support to have another display there in future, as some who went this time were not overly impressed with things.



Sunday, 28th August 2016


Our Central Goldfields Area Representative reported that he was getting a bit concerned in the week leading up to the Marong Picnic, as there had been quite a bit of rain in the area and he thought it might be washed out. However, they had a beautiful day for the event. He suspected that there might have only been about 500 to 600 vehicles instead of the 1000-plus from the year before, but it was still a good turn out and a very relaxing and enjoyable day with plenty of different cars to look at.

FORDCA members' cars were parked next to the Early Falcon Car Club and were parked on the oval this year.  We had four club members and two vehicles attend on the day, a 1950 ex-PMG Fordson "Ten-Ten" 10cwt van and a 1959 100E Escort wagon.

A member from Lancefield came along to support the event and enjoyed the day even though he was not able to bring his vehicle. Another member opted to bring an 'alternative classic', his immaculate XM Falcon. Throughout the day, the PMG van gathered plenty of attention.



Sunday, 21st August 2016


Kevin is our Regional Representative for Western Victoria and once a year, he and his willing wife put on a run, visiting attractions on the western side of Melbourne. With our club's consent, he usually invites members from other clubs to join us to make the numbers up. This year we had the pleasure of the company of members of the Australian Austin A30 Club and we all gathered at the Maccas on the Western Ring Road, just past Boundary Road.

We had an impressive line-up in the car park there of five Small Fords and three Austins, plus a number of 'moderns'.

From our club, we had 9 members and 3 guests in a 1950 E493OA/B Anglia 10hp saloon; a 1960 107E Prefect sedan, a 1960 100E Escort wagon and a 'modern'.

We also had our leader in his 1956 MkI 100E Perfect sedan (his wife was acting as 'tail end Charlie' in their Ford Territory; accompanied by their little dog. All told we had around 20 participants on the run.

On departure, we only went a short distance on the Western Ring Road before taking the Deer Park Bypass and coming off at Robinson's Road. From then on it was a case of 'following the leader' through the western suburbs of Truganina and Laverton to Point Cook, where we diverted into the new shopping precinct.

Eventually, we all ended up at our designated morning coffee stop, the Sanctuary Lakes Recreation Club & Cafe, which was in a lovely setting surrounded by classy houses, all the dream of well-known golfer, Greg Norman, after whom one of the local roads has been named.

Although the cakes in the cafe looked very yummie, we were told not to devour too much as it would not be long before we were having lunch.

Continuing our cruise, we re-joined Point Cook Road and followed it almost as far as the RAAF base, which we avoided and followed the coast road to Wyndham Harbour, a brand-new development that has only appeared in the last few years. It recently came to prominence when an experimental passenger ferry service linking it to the City was trialled.

After a brief stop for a group photo on the jetty, we were off on our cruise again, driving through the expanding seaside resort of Werribee South and across the well-known market garden area to Werribee. After driving through the town centre, we were soon at our lunchtime stop, the Werribee Racecourse Hotel. Here we all had a most scrumptious lunch.

Suitably refreshed, we made the very short trip to the B24 Liberator Trust's restoration hangar on the erstwhile Werribee Airfield on Geelong Road, where we were able to inspect the progress being made to restore this rare WWII survivor. It is one of only 8 Liberators known to survive in the world and its restoration is a long-term project. We were amazed at the lengths they are going to restore the aircraft, which includes sourcing original parts from all over the world. One has to admire the determination and effort that the small band of restorers is putting in to the project and hope that one day they will shall see their aircraft in one piece and in "as new", if not flyable, condition.

About three quarters of an hour later, we moved on to our final visit of the day, to the home of the Australian Austin A30 Club's President, for afternoon tea. In addition to hot drinks, he and his family had kindly laid on an impressive array of biscuits, but most of us were just too full to indulge in them! On his driveway, he had parked his Austin Tasman, a strange beast to Pommie eyes, looking like a cross between an Austin 1800 "Land crab" and an Austin Maxi. It was built by BLMC in Australia in the 1970's and not available in the U.K.

It was only a short distance from there to the Princes Freeway and most of us from the east used it to get home later that afternoon.




Caribbean Gardens & Market, Scoresby

Sunday, 24th July 2016


The Ford Flathead Festival is a joint venture organized by the Model T Ford Club of Victoria; the Model A Ford Club of Victoria; The Early Ford V8 Club Victoria and FORDCA. Held for the second time, at the same venue as last year, it was the turn of the MAFCV to host the event and they decided that all vehicles would be parked in the order they arrived at the venue, with a view to encouraging their owners to circulate more with members of the other clubs. Consequently, there were not the usual rows of cars of the same marque we come to associate with normal car shows, and our cars were hidden all over the place!

We had a dry, sunny but very cold winter's day and had a few more cars there than last year. There were noticeably fewer Model T's this year, but a few more cars from each of the other clubs.

We had eight members from our club bring seven vehicles along to the show: a 1934 Model Y sedan; a 1936 Model CX roadster; a 1948 A54A Anglia coupe utility; a 1949 A493A Prefect sedan; a 1950 E493OA/B Anglia 10hp saloon; a 1951 A494A Anglia tourer and a 1953 A493A Prefect sedan. Three more members were to come to have a look in their 'moderns'.

There was a wide variety of cars and utes presented by members of the other three clubs, which all made for a very colourful occasion. They had come from all over Victoria.

There was a constant stream of visitors looking at our cars and everyone seemed to enjoy the day, despite that bitterly cold wind!

The event is to be held again at the same venue on 30th July 2017 and hosted by The Early Ford V8 Club Victoria.





Sunday, 10th July 2016


We had 24 voting members (18%) attend the A.G.M., which is not a bad turn out for a club of our size. Most clubs would be happy to get 10% of their membership attend the A.G.M.! It was held for the first time at Orana House, in Wantirna South.

After enjoying a cuppa 'on the house', plus some lovely cakes provided by our lady members, we got down to the business of the annual reports presented by the President, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Editor. They reported that the Club had had a very successful year and is in a healthy financial position.

The A.G.M. was conducted swiftly (about 12 minutes), and then followed by the General Meeting.

On completion of the General Meeting (20 minutes later), the President thanked everyone for attending and also thanked the members who had arranged the catering and the excellent venue, then the majority of attendees headed for the Wantirna Hill Club for a communal lunch, which was enjoyed by all.




Saturday, 18th June 2016


We were to meet up at Lillydale Lake at 09:45am for a 10:00am departure, but even that didn't quite go to plan! Eleven members and a guest gathered at the lake in five Small Fords: a 1936 Model CX De Luxe roadster; a 1948 A54A Anglia coupe ute; a 1951 A494A Anglia tourer; a 1959 MkII 100E Prefect de luxe sedan and a 1960 107E Prefect sedan. Another couple came in their 'modern'. We were just about to depart when we got a phone call from another member in a 1963 105E Anglia de luxe saloon, who was running late, so we waited for him!

We soon set off in convoy and made our way up Hereford Road to Mount Evelyn, then on to Wandin, where we picked up the Warburton Highway as far as the roundabout in Seville, where we turned left into Station Road and left again into Seymour Street, where we parked up. From there it was but a short walk alongside Woori Yallock Creek to our morning coffee stop, the Carriage Cafe. This was located about 50 metres away from the Warburton Trail (the walking/cycling path based on the erstwhile Lilydale to Warburton railway line).

The basis of the cafe was an old Victorian Railways bogie carriage mounted on a short length of track alongside a make-belief station, and very effective it was too. After we had ordered our refreshments (which were very more-ish) from the 'ticket office', we made our way along the corridor of the carriage to a vacant compartment and sat in the sumptuous seats to await the delivery of our orders. The seats were so well sprung, we had a job to get up out of them when the time came to move on!

We returned to the roundabout in Seville and continued along the Warburton Highway to Launching Place, where we turned left onto Don Road. We were fully aware that this road would take us direct to our next stop, Queens Park in Healesville, but after Dalry Road it narrows, becomes unsealed, and is hilly with a lot of sharp bends (but beautiful to drive in dry weather), and we opted to take a detour via Dalry Road, Healesville, Koo Wee Rup Road, Badger Avenue and Badger Creek Road, which brought us onto Don Road again, a few kilometres away from the park. This route took us through some beautiful scenery.

Once parked up in Queens Park, most headed for the comfort of a nearby shelter to have their picnic lunches, whereas others opted to go to the nearby Beechworth Bakery for lunch.

Suitably refreshed, we regrouped and headed for our next venue, the Chocolaterie near Yarra Glen, electing to use Old Healesville Road instead of Healesville, Yarra Glen Road, which again turned out to be a very scenic route. As we approached the Chocolaterie, the car park appeared to be very full, so we made the instant decision to carry on into Yarra Glen to spend some time exploring the antique shops. We parked at the back of the shops on the main street, opposite a railway embankment that will one day carry heritage trains on the Yarra Valley Railway.




Thursday, 16th June 2016


With 13 members and 2 guests participating, we had a good turnout for this, the second of our quarterly social evenings this year. We even managed to persuade one of the guests to join the club "on the spot"!

Once again we had a pleasant evening in good company and with good food. The new member picked up some useful tips and we got to hear how one of regulars was going with overhauling the engine out of his 105E Anglia de luxe saloon, among other things!


Saturday/Sunday, 28th/29th May 2016


We had a marvellous turn-out for what is becoming a permanent fixture on our calendar. And it was made all the more enjoyable by some beautiful autumn weather over the whole weekend. 13 members and guests attend with vehicles and one without.

On the Sunday morning, a member from Melbourne in a green 1960 100E Escort wagon joined a member from Strathbogie in his 1963 105E Anglia de luxe saloon outside the Benalla home of members with a 1960 105E Anglia de luxe saloon. The uncommon sight of three classic Fords in their street had the neighbours out with their cameras!

We set off in convoy for Winton Raceway, where we made our way to the allotted slot, where two members with Fordson Ten-Ten 10cwt panel vans and another with a Monza red 1959 100E Escort wagon were already in situ. A little later we were joined by another member in his ex-PMG Fordson Ten-Ten 10cwt panel van, and a member from Melbourne who owns an E4930A/B Anglia 10HP saloon. At about lunchtime, those who wished to go on the parade round the circuit could do so, if they knew who to ask! After the parade, special 40th Anniversary awards were presented to some spectators' cars, and we're pleased to say that our members with the 1960 105E Anglia de luxe and the Austin A30 Countryman were two of the recipients.

As usual, the racing was very enjoyable, with all types of historic cars and motorcycles participating in the many qualifying heats, etc.

Having had a browse round the stalls and chatted to many spectators, those of us from the south called it a day around 2pm and headed for home.

The journey back to the eastern suburbs of Melbourne via Bonnie Doon, Yea and Yarra Glen can take up to 4½ hours and we are aware that there's lots of wildlife about at dusk, and are lucky to get to Yarra Glen before it goes dark.






Saturday, 21st May 2016


When we accepted the invitation from the National Trust (Victoria) to provide a display of 1950s cars to help them celebrate the 60th Anniversary of their founding in 1956, we managed to muster 9 on the day.

Four cars from the east of Melbourne (a 1936 Model CX De Luxe roadster; 1949 A494A Anglia tourer; a 1953 A493A Prefect sedan and that 107E Prefect sedan), rendezvoused near the junction of Ferntree Gully Road and the Princes Highway in Oakleigh with three cars from the south east (a 1934 Model Y sedan; a 1948 A54A Anglia coupe ute and a 1951 A494A Anglia tourer). We all then proceeded in convoy to Labassa Mansion in Caulfield North, where we were directed to the car park at the back of the mansion, and were joined by a couple of members from Lovely Banks, near Geelong, in their 1956 MkI 100E Prefect sedan and a member from McKinnon in a 1950 E493OA/B Anglia 10hp saloon. We shared the car park with an FJ Holden and a VW Beetle.

Once we had parked up, we made a bee line for the cafe to have a coffee 'on the house' before exploring the mansion and then sitting by our cars, answering questions about them from visitors. Lots of ladies (and a few gents) turned up on the day in period costume, adding a bit of atmosphere to the scene.

We are pleased to say the event attracted nearly 1,000 visitors to the mansion, a figure which the National Trust was very happy with, and they were also happy with our display. We were again blessed with good weather for this event.




Sunday, 15th May 2016


Sponsored by the RACV and the Association of Motoring Clubs (of which FORDCA is a member), Mornington Racecourse car park was booked for this event this year and car clubs were invited to arrange their own convoys to the venue to publicise the heritage motoring hobby. A member of our Club offered to arrange a mystery tour which would endeavour to fulfil the wishes of the AOMC.


We had 8 members in 5 Small Fords meet up at the Dandenong Basketball Centre on Stud Road, Dandenong from 09:15am. The vehicles were a 1948 A54A Anglia coupe utility; a 1950 E493OA/B Anglia 10hp saloon; a 1960 100E Escort wagon; a 1960 107E Prefect sedan and a 1960 105E Anglia de luxe saloon. At 09:30am prompt we jumped into our cars and followed the leader out of the car park and down Stud Road, through Dandenong and onto the Dandenong, Frankston Road.

We travelled down to Frankston, where we turned on to Overton Road and weaved our way onto the Nepean Highway. We proceeded through Frankston and up Oliver's Hill from which there are lovely views of Port Phillip Bay, and turned right down Old Mornington Road, past some beautiful houses and properties and then through the middle of Mount Eliza.

After Mount Eliza, we made our way back to the Nepean Highway, turned right towards Mornington and motored on. Just short of Mornington proper, opposite the Bunnings Warehouse, we made a right turn off the Highway, immediately followed by another right turn into Tallis Drive, which took us past the Golf Club and into a single lane road called John Rowsell Avenue. We had used this road several years ago, and it provided an interesting passage over the hill to the Esplanade with several very nice properties to be viewed in passing.

We now slowly travelled up the main street of Mornington, with the morning coffee crowd (if they looked up from their newspapers) smiling and waving as we passed. It is a shame that this day is not more widely advertised as we gained the distinct impression that only us car nuts knew why we were parading our cars around. Anyway, it was now only a short drive back over the Nepean Highway and onto the racecourse.

When we arrived the racecourse, there was quite a collection of cars already in attendance, but we found an area at the end of the rows where we could all park together. We left our cars and went to get a coffee and have a look at the other vehicles. One of the features at this event was two RACV vehicles from the past; one a BMC Mini, the other a 1950 A493A Prefect coupe ute, which was also featured on the AOMC's commemorative grille badge produced for the event.


During the day, another member arrived in his 'modern' to give us moral support and a couple from Badger Creek arrived in their 1951 A493A Prefect coupe ute, so we ended up with six Small Fords in our line-up.

By 1pm, the sunshine was being replaced with grey clouds and a cold breeze (it was, after all, late autumn in these parts!) so we decided to move on. Many of the other attendees (said to be over 300) had already departed and the ranks of cars were starting to look rather thin.

After some brief discussion, we decided to return to Mount Eliza and find a bakery for coffee and food. All but the couple from Badger Creek elected to drive to Mount Eliza, where we duly consumed refreshments in a bakery and enjoyed more conversation. Then it was time to head for home.

All-in-all, a nice Sunday drive was had by all, with enjoyable conversation and companionship. And we like to think we did our bit to promote the classic car movement!




Sunday, 1st May 2016


The Club celebrated its 10th Anniversary in style by inviting members to a three-course carvery meal at The Wandong Australiana Motel Restaurant Tavern, located immediately on the Kilmore side of the Wandong turn off on the Hume Highway, north of Melbourne.


Unfortunately, a terrible weather forecast put many members off from attending in their Small Fords. Still, there were some who took the risk and must be congratulated for bringing their Small Fords, 11 members in 7 cars (an A493A Prefect coupe utility; an A494A Anglia coupe utility; an A494A Anglia tourer; a 100E Anglia saloon; a 100E Prefect sedan and two 105E Anglia de luxe saloons). 8 members and a guest decided to come in their 'alternative classics' (an Austin A30 Countryman; a 1964 Ford 'Compact' Fairlane sedan and a Holden Kingswood wagon). 28 more members and a guest decided to come in their 'moderns'. The total attendance for this event was 47 members and 2 guests, a record for a club event.

We had members come all the way from the Mallee area of Western Victoria, and had good turnouts from the Central Goldfields and North East Areas.

Whilst we were waiting for the food to be prepared, we had a slide-cum-silent-video show on a large screen which featured past events, and our President gave a short speech, outlining the history of the club and its achievements.

The food was terrific and we had plenty of choice and there was no excuse for going home hungry! There was more chinwagging over coffee afterwards before everybody started to leave around 3:30pm.

It had been a great way to celebrate our 10th Anniversary and there were no complaints about the venue or its food and services. Here's to the next 10 years!


Wednesday, 27th April 2016


From time to time, some of our retired members decide to have a mid-week run at the drop of a hat. An email to all Melbourne area members or a quick ring round to all those who have shown interest in the past is all that is required. On the 26th April, a member in Melbourne had noted that the weather forecast for the following day was good and rang round and found two more members interested in a run that day (27th), and we agreed to meet in Ferntree Gully.


Two of us rolled up at the agreed time outside the third member's house, but he was running behind time after a trip to Tullamarine and agreed to proceed direct to our first stop, Cardinia Reservoir near Belgrave. So the two of us, one in a 1936 Model CX De Luxe roadster and the other in a 1960 105E Anglia de luxe saloon, set off for the reservoir, where the third member, in a 1960 107E Prefect de luxe saloon, was to join us later.

Two of us rolled up at the agreed time outside the third member's house, but he was running behind time after a trip to Tullamarine and agreed to proceed direct to our first stop, Cardinia Reservoir near Belgrave. So the two of us, one in a 1936 Model CX De Luxe roadster and the other in a 1960 105E Anglia de luxe saloon, set off for the reservoir, where the third member, in a 1960 107E Prefect de luxe saloon, was to join us later.


After enjoying a coffee break at the reservoir, we proceeded to the Paradise Hotel at Clematis, were we had lunch and witnessed a couple of trains pass by on the Puffing Billy Railway, which is overlooked by the hotel lounge.

After lunch, we proceeded in convoy to Cockatoo before making an assault on the steep climb up Bailey Road to Paternoster Road, from which magnificent views over the lower slopes of the Dandenong Ranges are obtained. We continued through Emerald to Menzies Creek, where we picked up Grantulla Road to Kallista. Here we enjoyed afternoon tea, and watched admirers inspecting our cars. One of them came up to us and surprised us all by pointing out that there was a 105E Anglia hiding behind a hedge across the road from where we were sitting. Of course, we just had to investigate and yes, there was this stripped-down 105E undergoing restoration in someone's driveway, but unfortunately the owner wasn't at home. A welcome surprise to end a great day (and a car to follow up at a later date)!


Sunday, 10th April 2016


This event raised awareness and funds for Suicide Prevention. Entrants paid a gold coin donation to participate on the cruise and show and shine at the end of it. The cruise departed from the Ravenswood Roadhouse on the Calder Highway and the destination was in the industrial area of Eaglehawk. Approximately 100 cars and motor cycles attended. There was a mixture of classic and modern cars; Japanese bikes and Harleys. It was a great day out for a great cause; driving, socialising and mixing with like-minded people.

The leader of our Central Goldfields Group took his 1955 100E Prefect sedan and a friend drove his 1959 100E Escort wagon for the day. They both had a ball!




Sunday, 10th April 2016

14 members and a guest in 7 Small Fords (a 1934 Model Y sedan; a 1948 A54A Anglia coupe utility; a 1951 A494A Anglia tourer; a 1953 A493A Prefect sedan; a 1960 100E Escort wagon; a 1960 105E Anglia de luxe saloon and a 1963 105E Anglia de luxe saloon) and a 'modern' assembled at the Dandenong Basketball Centre prior to setting off at 9:30am on a mystery tour which had been arranged by a club member. We visited three places which many of us had never heard of before, let alone been to!

Our first port of call was Myuna Farm in Doveton. We got to see and feed all sorts of animals and have a ride on their tractor-drawn train to a dam to feed the ducks.

From there we headed to McClelland Gallery & Sculpture Park in Langwarrin. We stopped there for a picnic lunch surrounded by weird and wonderful sculptures. After lunch, we had time to look through the gallery then wander through the park and explore all of the sculptures.


We headed off in convoy again to Mulberry Hill, a National Trust property in Langwarrin South. This was the home of Sir Daryl & Lady Joan Lindsay and is well-preserved and very interesting. Sir Daryl was an artist and brother to Norman Lindsay (artist and author of The Magic Pudding) and Lady Joan was also an artist and author of the all-time classic novel Picnic at Hanging Rock. It seems they lived quite a Spartan lifestyle, not having electricity connected until 1956 and never had a TV or radio in the house for their use. Apparently, they must have had an interesting social life and some of the guests that stayed there included Sir Robert Menzies; Sir Robert Helpmann; Sir Lawrence Olivier and Vivien Leigh, not all at the same time obviously(!) but Olivier & Leigh shared a bed and bath!

From there we all made our own ways home after a very enjoyable day in good weather and in good company.



Sunday, 20th March 2016

Three days before this event, the Association of Motoring Clubs advised all member clubs by email that, due to a decision by the local council, this was to be the last Kalorama Rally to be held at the Kalorama Oval. Whether this or the beautiful weather, or both, had the desired effect, remains to be seen, but it certainly resulted in what we believe was the highest attendance in recent times. And when we got to the oval, we heard from reliable sources that the council had rescinded its decision and that the event will continue to be held there in future years. What a relief!

We had 6 members register an interest in this event, but of the 7 members who actually went, only 3 were of the original 6, so we ended up with 6 Small Fords on the oval, and a 'modern' nearby, and everyone was happy!

To any classic car owner who has never attended this event, we have to say you don't know what you're missing! It encompasses everything you could want on a good day out in our cars, meeting people with similar interests; catching up with old friends; having fun driving our cars and driving through spectacular scenery. What more could you want?

Five of our members were to participate on the actual rally. They came in a 1960 100E Escort wagon (on its first club run since major repairs); a 1949 A493A Prefect sedan; a 1949 A494A Anglia tourer and a 'modern'. The owners of the latter deserve a medal because they came all the way from Lovely Banks (west Geelong). With severe congestion caused by restricted lanes on the West Gate Bridge (due to major road works), and closure of the Burnley Tunnel (due to a fun run), they had wisely opted to come 'the old road' through the city centre, not a pleasant journey at the best of times! This was their first proper club run and we think they enjoyed it! They certainly learnt very quickly that our little cars struggle up hills that the 'modern' would sail up with relative ease!


We all met at the Manhattan Hotel in Ringwood and collected our rally programmes and road run instructions. As usual, until we received the latter, we had no idea of the route we were to take to the Kalorama Oval. All we knew was that at some stage of the run, we would encounter some sharp bends and steep hills which would test our driving skills!

This year the route took us through Ringwood, Croydon and Kilsyth to Mt Evelyn, where we picked up Bailey Road, which included a short stretch of unsealed road. After passing under a pedestrian bridge on the Warburton Trail, which had obviously replaced a more substantial structure on the erstwhile railway line from Lilydale to Warburton, we joined the main Mt Evelyn to Wandin Road for a short distance before turning right onto Wellington Road. We immediately faced a very steep climb past Mont De Lancy, which forced us to drop down a gear. Then it was via Beenak Road and other minor roads to Monbulk, passing vineyards, market gardens and orchards. We stopped for a cuppa in Monbulk.

Suitably refreshed, we then drove up the steep climb to the top of the Dandenongs and on through Olinda and Mount Dandenong to the Kalorama Oval, which was pretty full when we arrived there at mid-day. We were very lucky to find a few places spare at the end of a row in the middle of the oval, and no sooner had our three 'oldies' parked up (rally rules state that 'moderns' have to park outside the oval), when we were joined by four more members in a 1938 7W 'Ten' sedan and a 1939 E93A Prefect sedan, making an almost perfect display of the evolution of the small English Ford.

We had a good look round the wide variety of cars parked on the oval and grabbed a bite to eat from the CFA stall before calling it a day shortly after 2pm, when most of us left for home.




Sunday, 21st February 2016

Well, we couldn't have wished for a better day weather-wise and there were a huge number of spectators at this event.


Three members were there to represent the club and had a great day. They brought with them a green and black 1950 Fordson E83W 10cwt panel van, a white and blue 1953 Fordson E83W 10cwt panel van and a Monza red 1959 100E Escort wagon. A lot of people really enjoyed our vehicles, which were a breath of fresh air and a change from the Falcons and Mustangs.

The green van won the award for the best Ford 8 & 10hp and the blue van came runner up.





Saturday, 20th February 2016


The Australian Penny Farthing Championships attracts bikers from all over Australia and even some from New Zealand. This event is held at Evandale, in the north of the state, very close to Launceston Airport.


One of our Tasmanian members attends this as a car 'show and shine' and a lot of other minor attractions add to the day and make it more family orientated. He took his 1936 Model CX De Luxe sedan this year. A 5:30am start was required as he had to be there by 8:30am, as all the streets in town are closed for the safety of the penny farthings. He was greeted with a perfect summer day with plenty of sunshine, a nice breeze, ample shade and a very comfortable 25ºC.

Imagine his surprise when his car won the car of the show award and he received a bronze medallion as a memento.


It was all over by 4:30pm and he headed for home at a leisurely pace. The return trip is just over 200 miles and the car performed faultlessly, making all the hard work its owner has spent on him in recent months worthwhile.





Thursday, 16th February 2016


There is something about this club and the figure "11": for some reason, we cannot seem to get more than 11 "oldies" on a club run, and now it seems we have 11 people at our quarterly social evenings!


Once again we had a pleasant evening in good company and with good food and it would seem that many of us picked up some good suggestions for repairing/improving our cars!





Sunday, 7th February 2016


This was the first official outing in 6 months for a Tasmanian member's 1936 Model CX De Luxe sedan, which had undergone some major wiring and engine repairs. The show was only about 10km from his home and so it was a perfect run to test his car. He was accompanied by another member in his beautiful silver Austin Healey 100.

It was a very hot day and with no shade available, a lot of cars were moving out shortly after lunch as others were just turning up. There was plenty to do and see there, with a smallish swap meet and food stalls. The ice cream van did a roaring trade!

A very good day for all, as there were close on 350 cars there, with all profits going to charity.





Sunday, 7th February 2016


Once again this event was blessed with fine weather and so we just had to remember to put plenty of sun screen on!

Eight members in 7 Small Fords attended this event. Our display comprised of a 1936 Model CX De Luxe roadster, well-type utility; a 1936 Model CX De Luxe roadster; a 1951 E493OA/B Anglia 10hp saloon; a 1960 300E Thames 7cwt van; a 1960 107E Prefect sedan and a 1965 105E Anglia de luxe saloon. A member who had come all the way from Adelaide with his 1959 100E Escort police wagon was also present.

Apart from the two 'CXs', which formed the Pre-War Class, the remainder, plus an early 100E Anglia saloon and five more 105E Anglias, most of them modified in some way, made up the Post-War Anglia & Prefect Class.


We're told that there was a record entry of around 250 Small Fords this year, and there were some very nice cars there.


When it came to prize giving around 2pm, the 'CX' roadster, well-type ute was chosen as the Best Pre-War Car, and our member's green 105E Anglia came runner-up in the Post-War Anglia & Prefect Class. A nice way to end a nice day!






Thursday, 26th January 2016


For the past 38 years, the Picnic in the Gardens has been very ably organised by the Federation of Veteran, Vintage & Classic Vehicle Clubs. However, many changes imposed this year resulted in a very diminished event. Only 250 vehicles were allowed to attend whereas there were 500 last year.

Five club members attended this event in three Small Fords (a black 1936 Model CX De Luxe sedan; a blue 1936 Model CX De Luxe roadster and a 1951 E493OA/B Anglia 10hp saloon) and an "alternative classic" (a 1963 Morris Mini 850 saloon).


There were only two other Small Fords in the display, a 1939 E94A 8hp roadster and a green and black A493A Prefect sedan. There were relatively few commercial vehicles this year, but there was still a good mix of cars and the display of Standard Vanguards and Ensigns near the King George V Monument was very impressive.


Despite all the misgivings, we still had an enjoyable day and we might even have recruited a new member or two!




Saturday, 16th January 2016

We mustered four Small Fords for our display. They were a blue 1936 Model CX De Luxe roadster; a beige 1949 A493A Prefect coupe utility; a beige 1953 A493A Prefect sedan and a light green 1959 100E Anglia saloon.


We had a beautiful day for our display, which attracted much attention from the public, with whom we had a good rapport.



Wednesday, 29th December 2015

This, the final run for the year, was based on the findings of the mid-week run on 11th November. The plan was to meet at Lillydale Lake then proceed in convoy to Alowyn Gardens in Yarra Glen for morning tea. Alowyn Gardens is a plant nursery and cafe with about 7 acres of formal gardens and is well worth stopping for a cuppa and a look around.

Seven members and six guests met up at Lillydale Lake in two Small Fords (a 1936 Model CX De Luxe roadster and a 1960 105E Anglia de luxe saloon), an "alternative classic" (a 1964 'Compact' Fairlane) and three moderns. We set off in convoy to Alowyn Gardens, where we were joined by four more members in two Small Fords, a 1936 Model CX De Luxe sedan and a 1938 7W 'Ten' sedan.


After a cuppa and a look round the nursery, we all set off in convoy towards Kinglake. At the Healesville-Kinglake Road we turned left towards Kinglake. We continued on towards Pheasant Creek and turned left onto National Park Road then, after about 3kms, right onto Masons Falls Road, which took us to the picnic ground.
Here we were joined by seven more members and three guests in two more Small Fords (a 1949 A494A Anglia coupe utility and a 1951 A494A Anglia tourer) and three "moderns".

Following lunch and a bit of a chat we went for a walk down to the Masons Falls viewing platform. There was not much water going over the falls, but we certainly built up a bit of a sweat and quite a thirst by the time we got back to the picnic area!




A quick drink and we all made our separate ways home after a very nice day.





Sunday, 6th December 2015

As always our club seems to be able to pick a good day weather-wise for our Christmas club run; this year was no exception. The weather was great, the food supplied by the club was superb, and the venue, Maranoa Gardens in Balwyn was perfect. Our host for the day did an outstanding job setting things up and then doing a guided tour of his beloved gardens.

Needless to say the members were out in force. It was great seeing some who have been absent for a time, and to catch up with others in an atmosphere of total relaxation. This was a really great way to spend a quiet Sunday with friends.

This has been a good year for our club, and this was the best way to finish it off, so thanks to all who made the effort to come to our luncheon.

Thirty-eight members participated in 9 Small Fords, two "alternative classics" and a number of "moderns".









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