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Sunday, 23rd April 2023


A posting on the Club’s Facebook Group Page advising of the Garfield Coffee & Cars – April Catch Up on 23rd April, resulted in four members taking their small Fords to this event. 

Around 11am we lined up our cars on the railway side of the main street in Garfield. A 1960 100E Escort wagon led the little convoy which also included a 1950 A493A Prefect coupe utility, a 1956 100E Prefect sedan and a 1948 Ford V8 Pilot sedan, the latter belonging to our member living in Garfield North.  We soon had enthusiasts and local people approaching us and chatting to us about our cars!






As was to be expected at this type of event, most of the cars were hot rods and muscle cars, with a smattering of classic cars.  A Hillman Imp was to catch our attention.






After an hour or so, we were invited back to the V8 Pilot owner’s home for a look at his sheds and some lunch.








Three of us made the short drive to Garfield North to enjoy a tour of the sheds and a lovely lunch.  Around 3:00pm it was time to say goodbye and set off for home.

The Garfield Coffee & Cars event is, apparently, a regular event held on the last Sunday of the month and no doubt we will bear that in mind for the future.






Eastern Park, Geelong

Sunday, 19th March 2023


There was a record-breaking display of over 1,500 Ford vehicles at Eastern Park this year.  There must have been every GT Falcon and Mustang ever produced on display!

Our member noted a couple of Model A Fords; some Consuls and Zephyrs; a few Cortinas and Capris, and lots of LHD imported cars. Also, a good display of Hot Rods.





Two club members presented their vehicles – an E83W Thames 10cwt panel delivery van and an E493A Prefect sedan.


Note that the organizers had printed Ford Owners, Restorers & Drivers Club signs for our stand – a good promotion for our club!!!!!!!









The Village Common, Macleod

Sunday, 19th March 2023


We had 15 members and a few guests attend in 6 small Fords and a number of ‘moderns’ at this show.  The vehicles we displayed were a 1936 Model CX De Luxe roadster; a 1950 E83W 10cwt milk float;  a 1960 107E Prefect sedan; a 1960 105E Anglia de luxe saloon; a 1962 107E Prefect sedan and a 1964 105E Anglia de luxe saloon.  Our cars were parked along the southern perimeter of the oval and were close to some trees which offered us some shade.






This show differed from all the other car shows we had attended this year, insofar that it was open to all makes of car of all ages and not necessarily historic vehicles. So, we had the likes of a Bugatti; a McLaren; half-a-dozen Ferraris (including one that had been in the showroom the week before) and a couple of early 3-wheeled Morgans mixing with classic BMWs; Chevrolets; Chryslers; Rolls Royces, etc. It was an eclectic mix and led to a fantastic atmosphere.  We had a really enjoyable day!














 Sunday, 12th March 2023


Some of our members from the Central Goldfields Group cruised along to the Clunes Showgrounds for the Historic Vehicle Show on 12th March. They had a great drive across the back roads, rendezvousing with another member in Newstead. The roads were quiet, surprisingly, and it was a lovely morning for a drive, a touch chilly but it warmed up during the day.


We had 4 cars in our little convoy, a 1939 Ford V8 sedan; a 1948 A53A Prefect sedan; a newly finished 1951 A493A Prefect sedan and a 1959 100E Escort wagon. We met up with a friend, who is a member of the Bendigo Morris Club, with his 1956 Morris Minor ute at the show and he parked up with us. We also caught up with another FORDCA member from Bendigo who had brought his Ford 700 series truck with his A493A Prefect ute on the back tray.


Overall, there was a big turnout of cars, Vintage, Veteran, Classic, Aussie and American Muscle. There were lots of trucks; a couple of beautifully restored Mack Thermodynes, and lots of other older restored and unrestored trucks.  There were also a couple of really nice Mack Superliners.


The crowd were happy to be out and about, and the cars generated lots of chatting and questions. An old tractor which had a cart hooked up was busy giving rides throughout the day.  There was a stationary engine display and a handful of bikes turned up.












Sunday, 6th March 2023



The Kalorama Rally followed tradition and started at 9:30am from the car park at The Manhattan Hotel in Ringwood and finished up at the Kalorama Oval on top of the Dandenong Ranges.  This year the route of the run took us through Mitcham, Warrandyte National Park, Kilsyth and Montrose.  The drive through the National Park involved traversing a twisty, bi-directional, single-track road and there were some close skirmishes with traffic coming the other way which, fortunately, was very light!  


Five members and three guests started from The Manhattan in a 1936 Model CX De Luxe  roadster; a 1954 100E Anglia saloon; a 1959 100E Prefect de luxe sedan and some ‘alternative classics’.  After an enjoyable cruise through the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges,  and met up at the Kalorama Oval with four more members in a 1939 E93A Prefect sedan and an A493A Prefect coupe utility.  Most of us were able to park together (and set up a small marquee behind us).

There was a wide variety of vehicles at the oval, mostly pre-1965 with some impressive club displays, especially of Rileys, Bentleys and Austins.  There was a lovely line-up of vintage cars of various makes on the stand of the Vintage Drivers Club, who hosted the event.








The display on the oval seemed to be the biggest we’ve seen at this event, and the atmosphere was simply terrific.  We had a lovely autumn day. Around 2:30pm we called it a day and made our separate ways home.






Event Central at Caribbean Park, Scoresby

Sunday, 26th February 2023



Seven small Fords, a 1948 Morris 8 sedan and Jaguar MkII gathered from 9:00am on the service road that is just before the entrance to Caribbean Park.  The small Fords comprised a 1936 Model CX De Luxe roadster (making its first appearance at a show for over two years); a 1936 Model CX De Luxe sedan; a 1939 E93A Prefect sedan; a 1950 E493OA/B Anglia10hp saloon; a 1951 A494A Anglia tourer; a 1954 103E Popular coupe utility and a 1963 105E Anglia de luxe saloon. 


At 9:15am we managed to squeeze our cars into the long queue slowly entering the Park entrance from Ferntree Gully Road, thanks to some courteous drivers from other car clubs letting us into the queue.


Once we were on the showground, the Morris and Jaguar owners made their way to their marques’ designated areas, and the rest of us lined up in formation in a most desirable position within the Ford designated area.  Shortly after parking up, we were joined by another member in his 1959 MkII 100E Prefect de luxe sedan and a guest in his 307E Anglia panel van. Later in the day, the Morris was moved closer to us as his owner was, after all, a prominent member of FORDCA!





The main themes for the event this year were the MG Concours and the celebration of 100 years of Triumph.

As usual, there was a fantastic and eclectic mix of cars of almost every British and European make.  Around midday the AOMC broadcast over the PA system that there were over 1,000 cars and motor cycles on display!







We all had a great day among fantastic vehicles and great company. Even the weather remained stable which made for a very pleasant day.




Deaf Children Victoria College,

St Kilda Road, Melbourne

Sunday, 5th February 2023


As I left home in Boronia in my 1960 100E Escort wagon at 8:30am that morning, it was raining – not heavily, but that drizzly stuff that wets everything! – but by the time I got to the Burwood Highway in Ferntree Gully, the rain had cleared.  Turning onto High Street Road (which becomes High Street at the city end), I only had to follow this for some 20kms, all the way to the Deaf Children Victoria College, and as I passed through Ashburton, the clouds disappeared and we had blue skies for the rest of the day.  Approaching St Kilda Road, I was wondering what entrance to the College they would be using this year.  I needn’t have worried, as marshals were standing on the edge of High Street directing display cars into the showground.  





Unbeknown to me, I had been followed by two more club members, one in a 1953 A493A Prefect sedan and the other in a 1960 105E Anglia de luxe saloon, and we all arrived at the designated area to find 6 more members who had brought 5 cars already there.   The cars were a 1950 E493OA/B Anglia 10hp saloon; a 1954 103E Popular coupe utility; a 1954 100E Anglia saloon and a 1963 105E Anglia de luxe saloon.  However, a couple came all the way from Adelaide in their Escort MkII race car, and deserved a medal for their effort, especially as their car blew a head gasket on the way over. Pre-1965 small Fords owned by non-members were two more 105E Anglias, a highly modified E493OA/B Anglia saloon and a modified A494A Anglia coupe utility, which shared our area, which was right in front of the historic bluestone building, close to some trees that provided some shade on what had become a beautiful summer day.

As usual, there were large and very colourful displays of post-1965 English and European Fords elsewhere on the site, but a car that caught my eye was a very rare, black Ford Probe, a sports car that was meant to replace the Capri but didn’t sell very well.











The award for the best Anglia or Prefect went to a non-member for his two-tone blue 105E Anglia de luxe saloon “WEAZLY”,  and runner-up was a former member and his highly-modified E493OA/B Anglia saloon.


So, although our club did not win any awards, our cars attracted a lot of attention and we had a very enjoyable day in good company.


Our thanks to the RS Owners Club Victoria for hosting the show.    







Sunday, 29th January 2023


Four FORDCA members attended the event and brought with them a 1936 Model CX De Luxe sedan; a 1963 105E Anglia de luxe saloon and a 1963 Ford Thunderbird sedan.  Two more came as visitors in their ‘modern’.

Entry for the display cars was through a gate on McClelland Drive and entry for spectator vehicles was a gate on Frankston-Cranbourne Road.  Exhibitors passed through the gate and up a winding dirt drive for quite a long distance, passing fields and huge trees and a small lake on either side - a lovely drive in itself.  Arriving at the display cars’ entrance, we were directed by volunteer marshals to designated areas,
We were sent to an area designated for
Vintage & Veteran” cars, and apart from some Singers, a couple of Austin A30s, and a Morris Minor, all the other cars were large, tall, veterans - Hupmobile, Dodge, Model A’s of various models (tourers, coupes, roadsters etc).  This area was so picturesque, being right beside a beautiful, large lake, with lily pads and ducks and wonderful large trees around. Looking up we were all facing the wonderful gardens and immaculate, white homestead - quite an ideal area for the old cars.


The event appeared to be very well organized with food stands, coffee stands, vendor stalls selling T-shirts, hats, model cars and various other bits and pieces. There was live music from the Merri Creek Jazz Band that was perfect for the veteran cars attending as it reminded one of the era of the 1920s. Right in the middle of the display area was a pen where children could interact with, and feed, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, and a baby goat – it was very popular and well-attended all day.





The day was thoroughly enjoyable, and definitely an event to pencil in for next year.






Sunday, 22ND January 2023



Our first run of the New Year was the Joint Run with The Early Ford V8 Club Victoria.

It was FORDCA’s turn this year, and we called upon the assistance of a member of both clubs, Ian from the EFV8 Club, to open up his shed – or to be more precise - his unit on a gigantic industrial estate at Carrum Downs, near Frankston.  We planned to start the run at the Dandenong Basketball Centre on Stud Road (close to the Monash Freeway) and call at Ian’s unit before going for lunch at the Baxter Hotel and ending the day at the Moonlit Sanctuary (for native wildlife) in Pearcedale. We tentatively booked for 36 at the Baxter Hotel, but had to increase this to 56 when, just a few days before the run, we were informed by the representative of the EFV8CV, that he expected 18 cars and 36 people to be on the run from his club!


In the weeks leading up to the run, Ian kindly offered to put on a BBQ at his unit.  We were told that he had a lot of meat left over from a Christmas Party and wanted to get rid of it!


Two FORDCA members, one living at Seaford and the other at Frankston, didn’t think it worthwhile coming to the start at Dandenong, and offered to go directly to Carrum Downs and act as marshals, directing people to Ian’s unit.





We had a beautiful, warm day for the run, and had over 60 people participate, but not all were at the same venue at the same time.  Most started from the Basketball Centre, but more joined us at Carrum Downs; some did not go to Baxter and more did not go to the sanctuary.   But we had at least 50 go to the Baxter Hotel, despite the fantastic BBQ Ian had laid on, with help from his family, at Carrum Downs.




Everything went to plan – well, almost! Some people decided that they knew a better route to our next venue and opted to go their own way there, but we all ended up at the correct venue .


As for the cars that participated, the EFV8CV provided around 20 V8’s (we lost count!) and some ‘alternative classics’, and FORDCA came up with 8 Small Fords and four ‘alternative classics’.  The Small Fords were a 1936 Model CX De Luxe sedan; a 1951 A494A Anglia tourer; a 1953 A493A Prefect sedan; a 1954 100E Anglia saloon; a 1960 100E Escort wagon; a 1960 107E Prefect sedan; a 1960 105E Anglia de luxe saloon and a 1963 105E Anglia de luxe saloon.  The ‘alternative classics’ were a 1948 Morris 8 sedan; a 1948 Ford V8 Pilot sedan; a 1969 Ford Mustang and a classic Jaguar sedan.









We were very happy that the day had gone so well and was apparently enjoyed by all.  Our thanks to all who participated, with special thanks to Ian and his family for opening their premises and providing such a fabulous BBQ.





Thursday, 29th December 2022


This event started off some 20 years ago as a joint event with The Australian Y & C Syndicate, held on one of the days between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day that most of us have nothing planned for.  Nowadays it is a purely FORDCA affair but with some Syndicate involvement, and is regarded as the ‘last event of the year’.

The chosen venue this year was Jells Park, Wheelers Hill in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  Our representatives were there by 10am in order to ensure that we got a good spot for our picnic, and managed to find an area big enough to take 10 cars that was close to a shaded picnic table with a toilet block close by.  We cordoned off the parking area, using some Ford bunting that had been donated to the club by the Ford Dealers in Ferntree Gully some years ago,

Then we sat and waited for almost an hour for people to turn up!  And boy, did we have a good turnout!  We had 18 members and two guests turn up in 10 small Fords, dating from 1939 to 1963, an ‘alternative classic’ and four ‘moderns’.






The day was warm but overcast and a little windy, but was ideal for our picnic.  The shaded picnic table proved very useful and we all gathered round it and enjoyed our food in good company.  We had lots of people admire and photograph our cars.

It was a lovely way to end a fantastic year for club events.







Sunday, 11th December 2022



The location for this event was the TOOROURRONG RESERVOIR, which is situated about 6km out of Whittlesea on the Kinglake road.  To ensure we had a really good spot, our President arrived early and grabbed the desired location.  That left the pick-up of the food to another local member, who was to prove just how valuable a 10-10 ‘woodie’ can be when you have to carry stuff!



The weather was kind to us and it did not rain at all (a welcome change from some other years) but no sooner had we arrived, than a strong wind sprung up and so everything had to be tied down or sheltered, even our folding chairs were blowing away at times.


As has been done in the past, our Club provided roast chicken, salads and bread rolls for the main course and all attendees were requested to bring something small to share for dessert.  What a seasonal feast we had! After all had partaken of the chicken and salad, our wonderful ladies trotted out the desserts.  We had trifle, pavlova, shortbread, Christmas cake, more shortbread, mince pies, more shortbread, cookies, etc.  Most people had a little of everything– yum, yum, yum!








Once lunch was passed, the formalities were held with two members receiving Club Entity Awards, (one for the second time) for the work performed in supporting Club activities and members. A third member received a Restoration Certificate in appreciation of his “10-10 milk float” being completed and on the road.

In all, we had 36 members in attendance, but due to the longer distance travelled by most who attended, there were only seven small Fords to lift the standard of vehicles in the car park: a 1939 E93A Prefect sedan; a 1949 E493A Prefect sedan; a 1950 E83W Thames 10cwt ‘woody’; a 1954 100E Anglia (which was making its debut on a club event); a 1960 100E Escort wagon; a 1960 107E Prefect sedan and 1963 105E Anglia de luxe saloon.

About 3 pm the wind was still gusting strongly; Santa had missed us due to the remote location (or he was blown off course) and so members wished each other Merry Christmas and left to make their own way home. Once again, an enjoyable social event with good people, good food and plenty of laughter.





Sunday, 13th November 2022



This was a FORDCA ‘exclusive’ club run to the Flying Tart Café at Pheasant Creek, between Kinglake and Kinglake West. This day was to be notable insofar that it was the day a member made his debut in his latest creation – a beautiful 1950 Fordson E83W Thames 10cwt ‘milk float’.

We mustered in the car park of Maccas at Diamond Creek, adjacent to the railway station and left there around 10:30am.  We set off in brilliant sunshine and cruised uphill through the back blocks of Hurstbridge and St Andrews to Pheasant Creek, which is located on the crest of a ridge, with 360° views of the surrounding countryside.

We had a short break halfway up the climb, by which time it had become quite overcast (but it did not rain!) – and a friendly, pedigree horse in a nearby paddock came over to greet us, but protective fencing prevented us from patting him – what a shame!





After a short break, we continued up the hill towards Kinglake. As we drove into the unsealed car park at the Flying Tart Bakery & Cafe, the puddles were a reminder of the amount of rain we’d had in the Greater Melbourne area in the preceding days.

After a typical bakery lunch, we all made our ways home.  Several of us chose to make it a circular trip by coming home via Kinglake, the Melba Highway and Yarra Glen. 

Fourteen members participated in a 1950 Fordson E83W Thames 10cwt milk float; a 1951 A494A Anglia tourer; a 1954 103E Popular coupe utility a 1960 100E Escort wagon; two 1960 107E Prefect sedans; a 1963 105E Anglia de luxe saloon and two ‘moderns’.


All enjoyed a splendid day out!




Melbourne Cup Weekend

Friday, 28th October to Tuesday, 1st November 2022


(Photos 048 to 059 inc)

The East Gippsland Historical Automobile Club (EGHAC) celebrated the 50th Anniversary of its founding this year.  It was also their turn to hold the Triennial Rally in Bairnsdale, so they combined the two events into a special rally and had special commemorative plaques made, one of which was given to all rally entrants with their rally packs at the Meet & Greet on the first night of the rally.

We had 33 club members and guests attend the EGHAC for a fun event in East Gippsland.

Our 'long weekend away' was to cover five days, from the Friday to the Tuesday inclusive, with the first and fifth days to be devoted to driving to and from Bairnsdale.  We've often heard presenters of tourism programmes on TV refer to Bairnsdale as "three hours from Melbourne" as it is only 278kms away "as the crow flies", which implies an average speed of nearly 100kph, but by the time you take into account the towns you have to pass through (Traralgon, Rosedale, Sale and Stratford-upon-the River Avon in particular) with their abundance of traffic lights and roundabouts, and the seemingly everlasting roadworks between Traralgon and Bairnsdale with numerous speed restrictions, the average speed can be as low as 60kph, and add in a couple of comfort breaks and the journey can take you up to six or seven hours, as it did for two of our members who drove their little Fords to and from the rally.  We had a very light shower on Saturday afternoon (not enough to put your wipers on!) and a heavy downpour as we came out of the club at Lucknow on Monday night, otherwise we had nice weather for our three days of cruising in East Gippsland.

We did a lot of cruising on the rally, with stops only for specific visits and lunches and none for comfort breaks or sightseeing. 















(Photos 060 to 066 inc)

The itinerary was as follows:-

Day 2 (Saturday): A cruise up the Mitchell Valley via Hillside and Lindenow, visiting the headquarters of Bonaccord (vegetable growers) supposedly for a guided tour which eventuated as a long, informative speech by a director, with us all standing around him for quite a while.










Then it was a short drive to Glenaladale Hall for a packed lunch (which included a lovely salad roll!) before returning to Bairnsdale via Flaggy Creek and Wy Yung.   Saturday evening was 'free' and our contingent went to a dinner dance at the Bairnsdale RSL










(Photos 067 to 073c inc)



Day 3 (Sunday): After meeting up at the Bairnsdale Oval,

(Photos 074 to 080 inc)















we had a cruise to Metung via Nicholson and Swan Reach, followed by a visit to John Ward's property on top of a hill outside Metung to view his collection of motor cycles and European cars. 

(Photos 081 to 100 inc)


















Then it was a cruise up the Tambo Valley to Bruthen for lunch at the Bruthen Hotel.  The return to Bairnsdale was via a scenic drive via Wiseleigh, Mossiface and Claybank.  A BBQ was held at the East Bairnsdale Oval on Sunday evening.

(Photos 101 to 108b inc)



















Day 4 (Monday): A cruise to Marlo via Bruthen, Nowa Nowa and Orbost for lunch at the Marlo Hotel.  On Sunday evening we were told that the direct road from Orbost to Marlo alongside the Snowy River was closed and that we would have to make a 50km detour via Cabbage Tree, to the north of Orbost, to get to Marlo.  This set tongues wagging and there was much discussion as to whether our little Fords would make the 300km-plus round trip and be back in time for the rally dinner that evening.  Peter settled the matter by saying he was taking 'Stanley', his Model Y, and the rest of us followed suit!  Unfortunately, 'Stanley' broke down between Orbost and Cabbage Tree, and ended up being rescued by 'Tail End Charlie' and spent the rest of the day on a trailer.  At Marlo, the local Mayor was asked to choose his favourite car and chose a FORDCA member's 7W 'Ten' coupe (please note – it is not an Anglia – that name did not appear on a Ford until late 1939!!).  Apparently, that morning the Mayor had pulled a few strings and had arranged for the local council to re-open the direct road to Orbost, which saved us having to return home via the detour.

(Photos 109 to 116 inc)
















Monday evening, we had the rally dinner which doubled as a birthday party for the EGHAC, and we were all given a slice of the birthday cake!  Rather embarrassingly, we won a lot of the raffle prizes, and we almost swept the board with the vehicle awards!  That same 7W 'Ten' coupe was awarded the 'Entrant's Choice' award (aka as The Car of the Rally!), with another FORDCA member's 1964 Ford Fairlane coming joint runner-up with two other cars (no trophy awarded); 'Stanley' received the 'Hard Luck Trophy', and our guests from Brisbane were given the 'Longest Distance Travelled' award despite coming in a 'modern'.  Congratulations to all the winners.

(Photos 117 to 134 inc)










Day 5 (Tuesday): The EGHAC laid on such a fabulous BBQ breakfast at the East Bairnsdale Oval, that it really set us all up for the day, and we only needed a comfort break and a cuppa at Yarragon on the way home.






Melbourne Steam Centre, Scoresby

Sunday, 23rd October 2022


Finally, we managed to get the FFF up and running again after having to postpone it the last couple of years due to COVID.


The FFF Combined Club Committee once again had its work cut out, as we had originally organised to run this event at the Caribbean Gardens Collectible Market site, but were told only a few weeks before the scheduled date that the site owners would no longer allow car displays at this site.


So, it was “back to the drawing board” to see if we could find another venue for our advertised date. In the meantime, the AOMC's 'All American Day' and the 'Mustang Roundup' were advertised for the same day as us, but at the alternative Caribbean Park site (entering from Ferntree Gully Road)!


Fortunately, the Committee had previously had discussions with the Melbourne Steam Centre (MSC) and we again approached them to see if we could hold FFF there on the 23rd October. They said "yes" and we were up and running again, so we had to print new leaflets, a new banner, etc and things were looking good.


Then it rained.… And rained….And rained some more.


Sometime after that we saw notifications online that the 'All American Day' had been cancelled and the 'Mustang Roundup' postponed, so we were faced with the question of do we proceed or not?  We decided to push on and it was a great success, with large numbers of T’s, A’s, early Ford V8’s and plenty of small S/V Fords.


Our thanks go to all those that helped with the organisation and running of this event.  Also, thanks to the MSC for allowing us to hold the event there and being so willing to accommodate us, and of course thanks to all those that supported the event, even though the weather was quite threatening.


On the day there were a few grumbles from people about the wait time for coffee and food. Originally a food van and a coffee van had been booked, but the coffee van was a “no show”. Fortunately, the food van agreed (on the day) to also do coffee, so apologies to all that had to wait.


As they say, “The best laid plans of mice and men …….”!

(Photos 012 to 047 inc)










Just for the record, there were over 100 cars at the FFF, 12 of which were provided by 12 FORDCA members and a guest.  These comprised a 1934 Model Y sedan; a 1939 Ford V8 sedan; a 1947 A53A Prefect sedan; a 1948 A54A Anglia coupe utility; a 1950 E83W Thames 10cwt 'woody'; a 1951 A494A Anglia tourer; a 1953 A493A Prefect sedan; a 1954 103E Popular coupe utility; a 1954 100E Prefect sedan; a 1959 100E Prefect de luxe sedan; a 1960 100E Escort wagon and a 1960 105E Anglia de luxe saloon.  Three members and a guest attended without club cars.


The Ford RS Owners Club also fielded 5 cars (two 100E Anglias; a 100E Prefect and two 300E Thames vans), meaning we had 16 Ford 8 & 10s at the event (excluding the 1939 V8) - which must be a record for a Victorian club event (excepting National Rallies).





Lewis Road, Wantirna South

Tuesday, 6th September 2022


FORDCA was invited by the Vauxhall Owners Club and the Zephyr-Zodiac Owners Club Melbourne to visit the Penrite Oils private motor museum, which was located in their former manufacturing premises in Lewis Road, Wantirna South. 

Penrite required at least 50 people to attend so we also invited the Austin A40 Club, we more than succeeded in meeting Penrite’s demand.

Once the majority of people were assembled at 8pm, we were then treated to an interesting presentation by the Penrite Museum staff on the history and the details of the various Penrite oils.  When the presentation was over, we were free to wander around and look at the lovely collection of motor vehicles within the museum.

Some cheese and crackers were provided along with tea and coffee.

(Photos 004 to 011 inc)



















Sunday, 28th August 2022



Two members from Lancefield in their 1937 7W ‘Ten’ sedan and a member from Lockwood South in his green 1954 100E Prefect sedan, set off from the latter place early to make sure they got a good spot at the Marong Oval. When they arrived, parking was around the outside edge of the oval, due to the centre of the oval being rather boggy.

They joined a couple from Bendigo who had brought no less than 5 vehicles to the show, with the assistance of four friends, to bring along a 1947 A53A Prefect sedan; a 1949 A493A Prefect coupe utility on the back of a 1966 Ford 700 truck; a 1963 ‘Harry Potter-style’ 105E Anglia de luxe saloon and a 1971 Ford Fairlane 500.

So, with seven vehicles on display you could say we had a really good attendance of vehicles from the Central Goldfields Area and we contributed to a big variety of vehicles displayed.

We had a beautiful day for the picnic, a bit chilly early in the morning but it got warmer as the day went on.  Thankfully, the expected rain did not eventuate.

(Photos 001 to 003 inc)


 Two members from Lancefield in their 1937 7W ‘Ten’ sedan and a member from Lockwood South in his green 1954 100E Prefect sedan, set off from the latter place early to make sure they got a good spot at the Marong Oval. When they arrived, parking was around the outside edge of the oval, due to the centre of the oval being rather boggy.

They joined a couple from Bendigo who had brought no less than 5 vehicles to the show, with the assistance of four friends, to bring along a 1947 A53A Prefect sedan; a 1949 A493A Prefect coupe utility on the back of a 1966 Ford 700 truck; a 1963 ‘Harry Potter-style’ 105E Anglia de luxe saloon and a 1971 Ford Fairlane 500.




So, with seven vehicles on display you could say we had a really good attendance of vehicles from the Central Goldfields Area and we contributed to a big variety of vehicles displayed.

We had a beautiful day for the picnic, a bit chilly early in the morning but it got warmer as the day went on.  Thankfully, the expected rain did not eventuate.












Thursday, 18th August 2022


At the July AGM it was suggested that we should try a different venue for our Quarterly Social Evening.

It was suggested that we try the Ferntree Gully Bowling Club in Glenfern Road, Ferntree Gully and this venue was checked out by a couple of members one day for lunch to see how it compared to the Eastwood Golf Club. The dining room was found to be adequate for our purposes and the menu was comprehensive and contained good and varied selections, including a Seniors menu.

So it was decided to give the bowling club a go, and this was our first time there. We had 10 members participate. It was a splendid night as everyone was chatting away up and down the table, and after a short time our meals were delivered by friendly staff, no complaints regarding the service, or the food. All the meals looked great and soon we were too busy for chatting. Ha ha!

All too soon it was time to depart, and out we strode into the miserable weather to go our separate ways. It was agreed unanimously that we would be happy to dine there again as we all felt comfortable and enjoyed the surroundings, and our own company.





Sunday, 14th August 2022

At long last we managed to get this run happening, after postponing it several times during the “Covid Years”! We had a really good turn up (22 members and guests). It was great to see such support for this outing and the venues seemed ideal for this cold, wintery Sunday.

We started off at the Naked Racer in Moorabbin for coffee. For those not familiar with this venue it is a cafe/restaurant with an amazing private collection of motorcycle paraphernalia as well as many other vehicles, including scooters, snowmobiles, mini speedway cars and more, as you will see from the photos.

A few things to catch the eye included a jet-powered motorbike (apparently good for 250mph!!); a Flathead Sidevalve V8 bike, a pristine Vincent and several antique Indian motorcycles. This place is also an agent for new Indian motorcycles and has a service division and sells motorbike accessories.

At about 11:30am, we drove to Moorabbin/Cheltenham RSL, all of 950m away, where we had lunch.

After lunch we headed back towards the Naked Racer, but turned left up Second Street to the Moorabbin Air Museum, where we parked in a line on the opposite side of the road to the museum’s entrance. The museum has quite a diverse collection of aeroplanes and helicopters, many of them being open for you to sit in the cockpit or walk through the fuselage. There was even a Commair bus which was built by CAC (Commonwealth Aircraft Corp). The DC9 Simulator was certainly worth a look, just like sitting in the cockpit of the real thing.

After a couple of hours everyone had had enough and we all headed home.

For the record, we had 8 Small Fords, an ‘alternative’ classic (a Jaguar) and four ‘moderns’ participate on this run. The Small Fords were a 1934 Model Y sedan; a 1949 E493A Prefect sedan; a 1950 E493OA/B Anglia 10hp saloon; a 1950 A494A Anglia tourer; a 1960 100E Escort wagon; 2 x 107E Prefect sedans and a 1961 105E Anglia de luxe saloon.






Caribbean Gardens, Scoresby

 Saturday/Sunday, 23rd/24th July 2022

The weather on the Saturday (23rd) was miserable and threatening showers, so our members gave it a miss. However, on the Sunday, the weather was very good, and two of our members and a guest took their cars, a 1961 Ford 105E Anglia de luxe, a 1950 Ford A494A Anglia tourer and a classic Jaguar sedan. The little Ford Anglias stood out like sore thumbs and certainly attracted a fair amount of attention, and dare we say, relief from the chopped and channeled, modified classic cars from various other car clubs.

Considering there was no car club advertised as running the show, it was quite well organized and very well attended. No awards, prizes, raffles, etc, and cars were still coming and going as our members were leaving in mid-afternoon.

Unbeknown to them, this was to be the last car show to be held at the site, as the landlords subsequently banned the organizers of the market from holding such events.





Wandong Australiana Motel Restaurant Tavern

Sunday, 10th July 2022

A sign that things are returning to normal after the Covid 19 Pandemic is that we were able to hold our Annual General Meeting and Christmas in July Party at the usual time of year , mid-winter, when there isn’t much else going on in the classic car world.

This year, it was cold and quite foggy when those of us in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne left home around 9:00am and as a consequence, most of us chose to go in our ‘moderns’. The fog didn’t clear until we got to Macleod in the northern suburbs about fifty minutes later. Thereafter it turned out to be a lovely, dry, sunny day and we arrived at Wandong to find the car park quickly filling up with ‘moderns’ and a few Small Fords.

We had 45 members and one guest attend, which must be considered as excellent in the circumstances. We had members travelling from Warracknabeal, Western Victoria; Neerim in West Gippsland, Bendigo and Geelong. Members brought four Small Fords with them , a 1937 7W ‘Ten’ coupe; a 1947 A53A Prefect sedan ; a 1951 A494A Anglia tourer and a 1959 100E Anglia saloon.


Once again we had exclusive use of the venue, and after the business of the A.G.M. and the General Meeting that followed it had been concluded, we settled down to enjoy an absolutely scrumptious, three-course carvery meal in good company.






Sunday, 19TH June 2022

Our starting point for the garage tour was at McDonalds in Ferntree Gully. We all gathered there and warmed ourselves with steaming coffee, and a bit of chit-chat. Then our Run Co-ordinator gathered us around and handed out the running sheets for the day.

First up was a run to a garage in Boronia to see a FORDCA member’s wonderful collection of Fords in various degrees of restoration. What a wonderful working garage to behold, with many interesting collections of signs, number plates, and mounted old automobile magazine covers lining the walls; tools galore and a feast of vehicles in progress.


After the best part of an hour, it was time to hit the road for the cafe in Gembrook. Well, what a splendid drive that was through Emerald and Cockatoo, and other small hamlets. All through the most scenic rainforest, ferns to die for, and gigantic gum trees, and some dubious patches of road, with a few hair-raising, tight curves.

Finally, we reached our destination, the Hairy Dog Cafe, a small, nondescript cafe in the main street of Gembrook. Half of us had to sit out the back of the cafe as it had a large number of patrons in the front section. The menu was small but perfectly adequate and most of us enjoyed our meals.

Fortunately, the next part of our day was to visit the Vintage Motoring Museum almost directly across the road. It was amazing how the museum managed to fit a couple of small buses and several very large 1920’s Rolls Royce and Daimler cars inside such a small establishment, as there was so much in the way of memorabilia everywhere you turned, quite an amazing place.


Then, it was wonderful to step outside and see our old cars lined-up across the road. We had 2 x 105Es, 1 x 100E, 1 x Anglia tourer, 1 x Morris 8 Series E sedan, and an MGB, plus a collection of “moderns” in our convoy.

Then it was time to visit our second garage in Ferntree Gully. You walked up the drive to be greeted by a rather appealing rear end of an immaculate 1960’s Ford Thunderbird. Negotiating the T-bird and walking inside we were presented with a marvellous afternoon tea laid on by our Run Co-ordinator’s wife. Delicious scones with jam and fresh cream!

We were shown an excellent collection of model cars, and out in the garage a rather large Scalextric set-up that was quickly fired up and brought back childhood memories for many of our participants.

By now, time was moving on and it was time for us to depart, and our Run Co-orinator was thanked for organising such a wonderful run.






Thursday, 19th May 2022


It was obvious that we were still suffering from the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic, despite the lifting of most restrictions, as some of our regulars had been in close contact with people carrying the virus and thus were prevented from attending this event, with the consequence that we were a little down on what has become ‘the norm’ for this quarterly event. Nevertheless, we had nine members participate and, as usual, had a pleasant evening and enjoyed good food in good company.




Sunday, 15th May 2022


We attended the Association of Motoring Clubs (AOMC) gathering at Braeside Park to celebrate National Motoring Heritage Day.

The FORDCA committee chose to postpone our club run and support the AOMC’s gathering at Braeside Park, and advised members accordingly. It proved to be a good decision, because we had 18 people participate in 8 Small Fords and two ‘alternative classics’. We met up at Maccas on Cheltenham Road, Keysborough and after a coffee and a chat, departed around 9:45am, to make the short journey further down Cheltenham Road to Braeside Park, where we were able to park in a row.

There were about 100 cars at the gathering, and we had a beautiful day for it. The Dingley Village Men’s Shed provided a delicious BBQ and there was also a coffee cart on site for those who hadn’t brought their own refreshments.






Saturday, 23rd April 2022


The original plan was to take us to the Clarkefield Hotel for Sunday lunch, via a scenic route, but the hotel was not available due to renovations. So, we switched to Lancefield as our destination and, visited the farmers’ market on Saturday instead.

We have only had a few Saturday runs in the past, so the Run Co-ordinator was pleasantly surprised to receive bookings from 31 members, and lunch was booked at the Lancefield Hotel. Two members stepped forward and offered to host us all for afternoon tea (and a sticky beak at their sheds!) at their residence just outside Lancefield.


We had an absolutely gorgeous autumn day for the run, which started from the Maccas Restaurant on Somerton Road, Roxburgh Park. 14 members and 1 guest in 9 cars gathered there from 9:30am. The cars were a 1952 Holden 48-215 sedan; a 1954 Ford Customline pilarless coupe; a 1959 100E Anglia saloon; a 1960 100E Escort wagon; a 1960 107E Prefect sedan; a 1960 105E Anglia de luxe saloon; a 1961 105E Anglia de luxe saloon and two ‘moderns’.

After morning tea, we set off for Lancefield at around 10:15am. From Maccas, we rejoined Somerton Road and followed it all the way, past Greenvale Reservoir, to a T-junction, where we turned right onto Wildwood Road South,

Up to now, the terrain we had crossed was pretty flat, but then we came to the spectacularly steep descent into the valley of Deep Creek and, after crossing a narrow bridge, the equally spectacular climb out of the valley, with some of us in genuine ‘10hp sidevalves’ having to drop down to 2nd gear to climb it. At the next ‘T’ junction, we turned left on to Gellies Road and a few kilometres further on, we again descended down a steep hill to cross a narrow bridge, this time over Emu Creek, and this too was followed by another steep climb out of the valley, necessitating the brief use of 2nd gear. A short distance further on, we came to our third and final ‘T’ junction that morning, and turned right on to the Melbourne – Lancefield Road. After that, it was plain sailing through beautiful countryside to Lancefield, with plenty of passing loops allowing other traffic to overtake our convoy along the way. It was pleasing to see the old trestle bridge on the Clarkefield – Lancefield railway line.

On arrival at Lancefield, we were directed onto a service road parallel to, and on the right of the highway, directly opposite the Lancefield Hotel, and parked in a long line on the nature strip between the two roads. Here we were joined by 14 more members in 8 more cars: a 1937 7W ‘Ten’ coupe; 1939 Ford V8 De Luxe sedan; a 1947 A53A Prefect sedan; a 1950 E83W Thameswoodie’; a 1951 E493OA/B Anglia 10hp saloon; an Anglia Special and two ‘moderns’.



We had about an hour to look round the farmers’ market and admire some of the historic buildings in the town before retiring to the Lancefield Hotel for a sumptuous lunch.

After lunch, we made the short journey to our Lancefield members’ spacious property on the outskirts of town. Here we were able to have a sticky beak at their sheds and the latest projects and consume a cuppa and some delicious cakes and Devonshire scones. From there we all made our own way home.


One member chose to return home via Kilmore, Wallan and the Hume Highway and Craigieburn By-pass. At Wallan, a large contingent of policemen was breathalysing motorists travelling towards Melbourne. A policeman holding a small ‘lollipop’ sign was either waving vehicles past or directing them to the left to be breathalysed. Unfortunately, he was directly in line with the sun when the member approached him, and couldn’t see what he was wanting him to do. So, he took no chances and pulled in about 20 metres past him, where it was safe to do so. Another policeman came over to the member’s car, and his passenger wound down her window. The policeman popped his head through the window and said, “Your car is so lovely, I don’t think I need to breathalyse you. You can move on!”. That was a really nice way to end what had been a perfect day out!





National Steam Centre, Scoresby

Sunday, 10th April 2022



For this event FORDCA fielded four cars: a 1934 Model Y sedan; a 1954 103E Popular coupe utility; a 1960 100E Escort wagon and a 1961 105E Anglia de luxe saloon.

There was the usual eclectic mix of veteran, vintage and classic cars and a smattering of hot rods which were mostly parked on the grassy eastern side of the site, between the main arena and the lake. All the sheds were open for inspection and the narrow gauge railway was operating a diesel-hauled train, but the only steam-driven stuff in action was to be found in the main display shed.

After a wander around the display cars and a look inside the sheds, we set up our portable chairs and had our picnic lunch in a shady spot near our cars, and then sat around relaxing on this nice, warm day, answering questions from occasional passers-by and chatting to friends in other car clubs.

Another great day out in good company at an interesting venue.





Eastern Park, Geelong

Sunday, 3rd April 2022


Two members in their red 1950 E493A Prefect sedan were the sole representatives of the Club at this event this year and, much to their delight, they walked away with the award for the Best Anglia & Prefect.

They were up against some stiff competition, like last year’s winner, an E493OA/B Anglia with a V8 engine and rusty bodywork.




There were 1,350 display cars there this year, including some 105E Anglias.




Sunday, 27th March 2022


Early in 2022, the club was contacted by Pip Metcalf of Blu Event Productions, who had been appointed to organize a festival to belatedly celebrate the Centenary of Essendon Airport. As part of that festival, all the car dealerships at Essendon Fields, on the western side of the airport, were to have small displays consisting of three cars of the appropriate make representing three different eras, provided by selected car clubs. FORDCA was selected from the many Ford clubs in Victoria because, apparently, the organizers had seen our website and thought our cars were ‘gorgeous’!


The three cars selected to represent the club were a 1937 7W ‘Ten’ coupe; a 1960 100E Escort wagon and a 1961 105E Anglia de luxe saloon, which were submitted to, and accepted by, the organizers. Our instructions requested that we be at the dealership by 8:30am on the morning of Sunday, 27th March, which didn’t please the owners of the 100E and 105E, as they had to travel from Seaford and Boronia respectively, involving journies across Melbourne which can take over an hour in a ‘modern’ at the best of times! The owners of the 7W ‘Ten’ had to come from Lancefield, to the north west of the city.

We all turned up well before the appointed time and the owner of the Ford franchise turned up and allowed us to park at the front of the huge showroom, where we were visible and accessible to the public. But boy, was it windy in that location! The club’s ‘teardrop’ banner was erected but had to be hastily removed because it was flapping about too much!

Other clubs laid on displays of Holdens, Jaguars and MGs, and there was quite a large display from the Lindsay Fox Collection.


Catering for the event was not very satisfactory with a distinct lack of food services available, but we were kept busy answering questions from family groups who were very complimentary about our cars. In fact, we wondered why we and the other car clubs had been asked to provide such small displays in an area far away from the main centre of activity of a festival which was supposed to be celebrating the centenary of the first airfield/airport in Victoria. We’d have expected to see reasonable numbers of vintage aircraft on display and participating in a flypast, etc but when we passed the aircraft display area on the shuttle bus we couldn’t see any particularly interesting vintage aircraft. The lack of bunting, banners, balloons, etc associated with such historic occasions was most noticeable.

To say we were disappointed in the event would be making an understatement – we thought we’d been “well and truly had”!

By 2pm things had quietened down a lot and we beat a hasty retreat to our homes and some much-needed sustenance!



Sunday, 20th March 2022


Unfortunately, the Kalorama Rally clashed with the Springthorpe Classic Car Show this year, which the Club had decided to support. Many of the participants at Springthorpe would normally have participated on the rally, but you know what they say…!







As a result, the only members to participate on the rally were a couple from Healesville, who took their unrestored 1949 A493A Prefect coupe ute ‘Albert’ and had a very enjoyable day.



Sunday, 20th March 2022


We had sixteen members participate, bringing with them a 1934 Model Y sedan; a 1937 7W ‘Ten’ coupe; a 1951 A494A Anglia tourer; a 1960 100E Escort wagon; two 1960 107E Prefect sedans; and three 105E Anglia de luxe saloons dating from 1960, 1961 and 1963.


The majority of the display cars parked on the Village Common at Springthorpe had no shade, but we were very fortunate in being parked against the perimeter fence, and had trees nearby for us to sit under and enjoy our picnic lunch.



The old Mont Park asylum buildings were just across the road. We were to be given a guided tour of the site after lunch. The heritage-listed buildings are now used as offices by La Trobe University.

Display cars were provided by members of many different clubs. There were displays of Porsches; Rolls Royces; Valiants – you name it, it was likely to be there! Every era of motoring was covered - from Veteran right through to Electric, and even specialty vehicles. Of special note, one of the Rolls Royces had a body made by Martin & King, which made an interesting contrast to the body of our member’s Anglia tourer, made by the same firm The estimated number of vehicles at the show was around 200.





We had a beautiful, warm, autumn day for the show and thought the venue was quite spectacular.







Sunday, 27th February 2022

The meeting point for this run was McDonalds on the Princes Hwy, Dandenong South at 9:00 am. On arrival, run organiser from (EFV8CV) greeted the participants with a smile and handed out a run sheet for the day. This run sheet was a great aid and essential for a run with more than a few cars. It also resulted in a situation where you could get broken up at traffic lights and not get lost. At 9:30 am. we commenced our day with 18 cars from the V8 club and 9 cars from FORDCA. Several joined the convoy along the way.

We proceeded along the old Princes Highway on some scenic country roads to Bunyip where we stopped at an EFV8CV member’s house for morning tea and a garage tour. This was not a house with a shed attached, but a shed with a house attached. The cars, equipment and memorabilia made us all envious.

Following the morning tea break, we proceeded again along minor country roads to the Holden Museum at Trafalgar, for our lunch stop and BBQ. This museum is the work of a gentleman by the name of Neil Joiner. Over many years Neil collected many vehicles, memorabilia, and other GM-generated items. Several years back, when GM America made the decision to close down Holden in Australia, all Holden products became history. We all know someone who worked at one of the Holden plants, which were located in most Australian states.

The museum contains many impeccably restored vehicles, engines, a boat with a GM Detroit driveline made in Adelaide, a tram also made in Adelaide, kitchen appliances, saddlery and numerous other items. It also displays many items from the Lang Lang proving grounds, and signage from the now defunct Traralgon Holden Dealership.

Many exhibits have been donated by private persons, many from the surrounding Gippsland area, with the wish to keep Holden history alive for future generations to learn the past of a great organisation. We must also keep the old rhyme, Footballs, Meat Pies, Kangaroos and Holden Cars alive to pass on to future generations. Although privately owned, like many museums it relies heavily on volunteers.

After a very interesting and memorable stay at the museum we headed for home, but not without an afternoon tea and shed tour at another EFV8CV member’s home at Warragul. And yes, what an experience. There was an enormous display of cars, memorabilia and equipment, and the owner had obviously been collecting for most of his life.

After a very interesting and memorable stay at the museum we headed for home, but not without an afternoon tea and shed tour at another EFV8CV member’s home at Warragul. And yes, what an experience. There was an enormous display of cars, memorabilia and equipment, and the owner had obviously been collecting for most of his life.

Unfortunately, this was the end of a great run, one of the best of its kind to date. It was now time to head for home.

We would like to thank the organiser and the EFV8CV for including us in this tour. Also, everyone who opened their houses and displays, and everyone who attended.






Sunday, 20th February 2022


We managed to muster 5 cars at this show. A 6th had been promised, but had to drop out at the 11th hour. This year we were parked with other British Fords in the north west area of the racecourse’s car park, close to Gate A, one of five entry points to the show. This was much better than the arrangements for previous years, where the different Ford clubs had been allocated to different areas of the site, accessed by different gates.

On arrival at the racecourse, and on the instructions of the racecourse’s owners, we had to produce proof of Covid vaccinations before paying our $15 entry fee and being given a complimentary show programme and directed to our designated parking area. The AOMC, who organized the show, which was sponsored by the RACV, ordered 800 copies of the programme but had exhausted them before 9:45am, demonstrating that more than 800 cars had already passed through the gates (the AOMC later revealed that 960 cars and 60 motor cycles had attended).

The day started off a bit muggy and windy, but the weather got progressively better as the day went on and it finished up being a nice day.

There were the usual impressive line-ups of British and European makes of cars, including a massive contingent of MGs which filled 25% of the site. FORDCA’s contingent comprised a very dark blue 1938 7W ‘Ten’ sedan, the oldest Ford at the show, which was parked in a prominent position at the beginning of a long row of Fords. In the same row there was a light blue 1954 103E Popular coupe ute parked two cars away and a light blue 107E Prefect sedan was a few cars further down the line. A pink and black 1960 107E Prefect sedan and a green 1960 100E Escort wagon had to park in a separate row at the rear of those cars.

Refreshments were available from caterers based underneath the grandstand, but the queues, at times, were rather long and you had to be patient if you wanted a cuppa or a bag of chips!





Thursday, 17th Febuary 2022

We had 8 members pre-book for this, our first Social Evening of the year, but 12 turned up on the night and we had to relocate from the area we had been allocated to another area of the bistro.


Once the kerfuffle was over, we settled down to enjoy a chat and a good meal in good company. We welcomed three new members who were making their first appearance at this event. They and the 9 ‘regulars’ made it a very good start to the New Year!





Sunday, 6th February 2022

This was our first big car show of 2022. As usual, it was hosted by the RS Owners Club Victoria (RSOCV) and held at Deaf Children Australia’s historic site at the corner of St Kilda Road and High Street in Melbourne. Unfortunately, due to late advertising, the numbers were about 30% down on 2019, when the show was last held at this popular venue. There had been no SFS in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid-19 restrictions.


FORDCA could only muster three cars for the show this year, a 1953 A493A Prefect sedan, a 1954 100E Prefect sedan and a 1960 100E Escort wagon. The 1953 Prefect was probably the oldest car at the show, as we don’t recall seeing any MkI Consul/Zephyr/Zodiac sedans there this year.

Our display was located about 30 feet away from where we have been positioned in previous years, but we were still only a stone’s throw from the beautiful, historic, blue-stone college building, which formed the background to our display. It was pleasing to see that the windows of this building that had been boarded-up in 2019 were now unfettered and the building was back to looking its best. Turning through 180 degrees, there was a brand new, multi-storey building which had been built since we were last there in 2019. The black building has a distinct shape to it, rather like a modern ocean-going ship’s funnel, which adds another dimension to the architecture on St Kilda Road.

In addition to our cars, there were several Anglias and a 300E Thames panel van belonging to RSOCV members parked adjacent to our stand. They were all ‘modified’ in some way. As usual, there was a large number of post-1965 cars at the show, mostly Escorts, Focuses and Fiestas.

We had a beautiful, warm, summer day for the show and were glad we had some shade nearby to sit and enjoy our picnic lunch and chat to other exhibitors. Our thanks to the RS Owners Club Victoria for the hard work they and their members put into organizing and running the show.














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